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i want to punch my voc rehab representative in the face. and she thinks i'm not physically capable of doing it. when she first met me my mom had to hold my hand around the pen to put an x on the papers to sign, then some months later, she came to my house and i was on the couch with a blanket. she asked me "shouldn't you be in school?" i said "i graduated, my mom's in the kitchen." then my mom led her right back to me and she seemed embarrassed and surprised. don't want to look crippled? getchyerself a blanket and a couch; no one will be the wiser.

so then came school, and i had to stay in bed the day she came because i had a welt on my butt from my shower chair, so that didn't help matters. at the time i wanted to go to school for biology to teach and told her flat out i enjoy the subject, but i'm terrible at math. she said "you do realize you need a 3.0 to be a teacher and that's very hard to do." i said "well i'm not an idiot, i know i can easily get a 3.0 even with bad math skills." she continued to tell me that she wanted to go to school to be a vet and an instructor taled her out of it because the GPA was hard to achieve and plus, as a biology teacher, there's no way i could get into a swamp to gather water samples for my class.

who the hell does that!? i never studied scummy water under a microscope and everything that we did inspect was bought. people do this stuff for you!

so she kept trying to get me to go for business because i'd only qualify for a desk job and even that would be hard for me. you guys know me, i don't say no to challenges and this lady was really pissing me off. i said to her if i wanted to go for business, i would, but i didn't want to. she was taking her failure in college and applying it to me by telling me what i can't do. i tried to apply for an fes bike through voc rehab and she was telling me it'll be hard for me to use the bike, which i used for 3 months in a trial. i told her she was wrong and i knew exactly what and how to do it and by myself. she still gave me trouble about it. what a pessimist! well i got so mad i started crying. this lady always pissed me off to that point because she was holding MY cards and telling me no to everything when she doesn't know her ass from a hole in the ground about me, my condition, or what i can or can't do. apparently all i'm able to do is sit, eat, breathe, and mess myself. i ripped her a new one when i tried to explain to her that she and i don't agree on my abilities and never have and she insisted that we did and i don't know what i'm talking about.

i snapped and was crying at the same time. i sent the papers for the fes bike the same day i told her i wanted off the voc rehab because she's a pessimistic bitch and i'll be damned i take her shit. 2 days later she called all facinated by the research papers for the fes bike and wanted me to reconsider dropping their "services". i quote services because all she served me was a big heaping sack of "you can't" accompanied by puppy dog eyes. i said no, i want off because i'm not dealing with you, you are the reason i'm not doing this and i never want to talk with you again. she tried to say that she could work hard to get me the bike but no promises, but by then i was so pissed off with the whole thing i didn't care.

i wanted a different representative but i couldn't because she was what i was given and she represents my county unfortunately. they never did anything but try to drag me down.
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