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Thread: One of our own on the TODAY SHOW 3/25/09

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    One of our own on the TODAY SHOW 3/25/09

    Patrick Ivison, injured at 14 months old & now 14 yrs. old, will be featured on the Today Show tomorrow. The Today Show was so moved by his personal story that they decided to fly him to NY and interview him! He's a great kid and an even better ambassador for our "Wheelchair Nation". I'm posting this because his mom is a friend of mine and she is way too modest. Hope you can watch!

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    I'm setting to record it right now. Hopefully it turns out well.
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    Make the best out of today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Nobody knows that better than those of us that have almost died from spinal cord injury.

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    I watched it. Very inspiring! As a parent of a (now) 15 yr old (c4-c5)found the segment on Patrick very uplifting. Wish we weren't so far from Project Walk...maybe one day we'll get there. I'm going to try and get my son to watch it if I can find it on the web.
    Please pass on congrats on a job well done and sincere thank you for sharing his life with the world.

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    The Iverson family is an inspiration to us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Patrick, Jennifer and Samantha

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    Can someone pls. post the show if they have it thx.
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    Here's the video that was on today, after the commercial.
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    That was great , hope he gets better.
    oh well

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    Making progress

    Patrick is making so much progress, perhaps he won't be "one of our own" soon. Great piece, and an even greater family.
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