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Thread: How we keep track of our loved one's health information and medications

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    Smile How we keep track of our loved one's health information and medications

    One of the more challenging things for our family since our loved one’s vehicle accident in 2001 has been keeping track of all the changes to medications, results of tests, medical changes, and so on.

    This little health organizer ( ) has saved us time and frustration in doctor’s offices and hospitals. It also comes in handy at home when visiting nurses come and need the same information.
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    Not sure if this is actually spam or not, but there are many on-line medical record and data tracking sites. Some charge a fee, while others are free. Some require you to type in all the data, while others allow you to include scanned documents or films, and some even allow you to give permission to your PCP to enter data. Some allow you to keep flashdrive copy, while others allow you to give selected providers or hospitals access with a code you provide to them.

    Here are a couple of others you might want to look into:

    Even Google has gotten into the act:


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    i still need help to track pain and pain meds.
    i have been using the journal function in outlook , using multiple columns for about 15 different cells, but a spread sheet program would be so much more useful.
    since i started this multiple spreadsheet like journal i have been able to figure out side effects and drug interactions a lot better than the previous years.
    i am very diligent about putting in every med i take with the correct time and have cells for things like general felling , focus , pain, misc. and have cells for the meds i am trying to track .
    i have been able to see some patterns that i would not have been able to figure out without this setup.
    a spread sheet would be a lot easier except i don't know how to initiate one .
    cauda equina

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