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Thread: - anyone using it?

  1. #1 - anyone using it?

    ...b/c I do.

    it rocks.

    & it's free.

    & it has an iPhone app.

    check it out.

    (just figured I'd share another handy site)

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    I really like this site...will help me a lot
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    Do you feel comfortable entering your bank username/passwords there? I see their privacy statement claims they don't store or even have access to your credentials, but I have a gut-level negative reaction to the idea nonetheless.

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    Yup. No problems. They're legit.

    If you don't feel comfortable using the service, don't use it. Life goes on as usual.

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    I like the application, just need to get a comfort level is all. Despite working in the field, I've always been a late adopter when it comes to Internet finance and commerce. Online shopping, Internet banking, online bill payment... of course I love them all now. I imagine it will be the same way with online money management. In any case, thanks for the link.

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    I recall hearing about Mint, but that was back in 2007. There was a big conference in San Francisco that week, and I believe that TechCrunch had Mint in their top 40. It is definitely legitimate money finance site. So far it looks like it's working. I just don't feel comfortable giving them my debit card, credit card, bank account info etc. I believe using programs like Microsoft Money and Quicken will accomplish the same goal and you can do this on your own computer.

    Thanks for the update!
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    Good recommendation. Thanks Scott

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    Yup, love it! It's nice to consolidate everything in one place.
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    I am bringing this thread up because I have started to have trouble updating my checking account with and this frustration is making me wonder if I need to get Quicken Essentials for Mac. Maybe you get what you pay for and the free is inferior. If anyone has had trouble with updating accounts and knows how to troubleshoot it I would appreciate some advice.

    I also wonder if Quicken Essentials for Mac does the same thing as but is somehow better?


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