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Thread: How Many Know About CILs?

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    How Many Know About CILs?

    Just curious as to how many people here know about Centers for Independent Living (CILs) and the services they provide. Ever used one?

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    I know about the one here in Toronto and my experience with them is that they are useless.
    I would vote - "yes I have heard of them and attempted to use their services".
    The Canadian Paraplegic Association here is a much better resource.

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    All CILs are not created equal. There are those which absolutely rock for their info on services and advocacy. There are also those where you wonder how they've gotten so far away from the mission statements so passionately drafted and voted upon decades ago.

    I called a CIL three years ago to ask for information. I still await the return of that call.

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    I'm in the same category as attempted to use them. In several years, my repeated phone calls have yet to be returned.
    C2/3 quad since February 20, 1985.

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    They suck
    If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.

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    Baltimore's suck. Silver Springs is great as far as Maryland goes. And I know Idaho's gets stuff done. Currently evaluating by fire one in Florida.
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    Damn, it's too bad that so many are dropping the ball out there. I've had a chance to do issue advocacy work with some truly excellent ones in Michigan - when they work (i.e. have some resources, don't have staff caught up in politics and power grabs) they can truly move mountains.

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    Texas no good at all.

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    CIL Great In Richmond Virginia

    My son has the most wonderful and resourceful CIL guy. He has been a tremendous advocate for TC from the beginning and continues to come thru whenever he is needed so we just can't say enough. David B. you are the greatest!!!

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    Maine has a GREAT CIL! Alpha One is a highly respected organization that advocates for disability rights and provides several programs geared toward greater independence.


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