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Thread: It's always at Walmart

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    It's always at Walmart

    This is why I love my town..... So I park in the back and wheel up. I spot the officer. The reason he was parked there ... he was writing a ticket to the huge ramped van there to the right. I've NEVER seen a ticket written here even when I've asked. There he was writing a ticket to an obvious chair user who forgot to hang the placard. Meanwhile he's parked in the van spot. I have even been to city meeting here to try to get them to write tickets for parking in the crosshatch. They say no they don't hold up in court so why waste the time.
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    Tell me you asked him why?? He then should have written himself one.

    You should have laid on your horn right then and there until he moved!!

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    To protect and to serve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerryblt06 View Post
    To protect and to serve.

    Its never a dull parking moment addisue.

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    Hash Parking

    Yesterday morning I parked in an HC spot at Publix. Across from me in the HC hash marks was a sedan, on elderly m,n sitting in the passenger seat. Before I got out of my van a woman with groceries in a cart came to the illegally parked car. I said, " You're not supposed to park there."

    She came over to my van saying she knew she was not parked correctly, but did not care. She went on to tell me her husband has Alzheimer's, as if this gave her parking immunity. We went back and forth her saying she did not care if she was blocking a chair user from using an HC spot.

    She unpacked her groceries and pushed the cart into the HC space at which time I asked her to return the cart to its proper place.

    She gave me the dagger stare, but did correctly store the cart. As she returned to her car she asked if I was satisfied by her returning the cart. I replied "Yes." She got in her car and back out of the hash marked space.

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    I hope you sent a copy of this pic to the police dept and maybe the newspaper.
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    I'm working on it. I have a whole lot of things going on with my city right now.
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    Sometimes it is easier to widen doors than it is to open minds.

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    I’m so glad you’re fighting the fight, though sorry you have to use the time and energy for this. My thought was blowing it up to display at that next meeting.

    And had he ticketed the cars in front of him, or were they legit? I’ve never seen that parking geometry.
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    The two in front of him had pacards but are in a van spot. Obviously no one cares that it says VAN on the sign and painted on the ground.
    If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.

    Sometimes it is easier to widen doors than it is to open minds.

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    Unfortunantly a lot of tickets aren't written because they won't hold up in court. Our local Mall is considered private property by the development company that owns it. Seems while the signs and amounts are up only the development company can press charges.

    As for the weird geometry patterns, last saw those at an Army post. Made no sense to me either because how many vans open to the left? And these were marked van only and no not enough space for rear exits.
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