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Thread: 1" longer frame vs. deeper seat order.

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    1" longer frame vs. deeper seat order.

    I know we've had numerous posts about this but I still have questions. With my J2 back in my Quickie 2hp I have my cushion pulled out to make my seat depth 18". But my frame angle is 70 degrees. I'm ordering (I hope!) a ZRA with 85 degrees and my PT says I should go with no more than 16" seat, and order a 17" cushion. I DO want a short footprint, but I like cushion all under my thighs for stability. If I DID order the 17" seat how much longer would the frame be? I assume less than ordering 1" longer frame? Thanks all! SCI_OTR?

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    I'm just a consumer, but the thoughts of making up the extra inch you need under your thighs with just a seat cushion makes no sense to me. You need to have that cushion, and your thighs, supported by something more than air!

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    Thanks Eileen. I do get your point. Guess I'm afraid if I order the 17" seat my legs might be too tight against the front of the cushion since my frame angle will be so much tighter. Or, if I order the 1" longer frame I'll not be able to get as close to stuff. It's hard to picture how much more I'll be tucked in an 85 vs. 70 degree frame. If I get the 17" cushion I'm only "out" a cushion, not a too deep chair. But I never have understood the difference in frame length between a 1" longer frame vs. a 1" deeper seat. I'd like clarity on that. I assume the fabric isn't just "run over" an extra inch. Was hoping SCI_OTR would chime in here, or others here who are so much more experienced than I am.

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    On a 85 degree frame, the frame bend will start immediately where the seat upholstery ends.

    If you get a 1" longer frame, the upholstery will still end wherever you spec the depth, but the frame will extend out an extra inch after that and then start the bend downwards.
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    Thanks November! So, in that case ordering a regular 17" seat depth would give me the same frame depth as ordering a 16" seat depth with a 1" added frame length? But my seat would be deeper on the first choice. It seems nobody orders a 17" seat depth. Scary to be considering it I am only 5'4". I just want to be sure I have that stable surface under my thighs. I'm going with the JetStream Pro back (I'm thinking), and I assume it will push me forward. But I now have the J2, which does as well. That's why I think I need a deeper seat. Haven't others found that to be the case? Thanks again all!

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    5'4 an 17 deep. That sounds way off. I run 16 deep at 6'2. Remember w/ 85 your feet will be back under you rep
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    my script has me 18 deep and im only 5'8. does type of cushion matter

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    no. theses long measurments are normally what pt's are taught. so wrong. IDIOTS.

    example. if your cushion comes behind your knees how will u tuck your feet back running an 85-90 frt end. answer=u wont rep
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