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Thread: where to get elevator

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    where to get elevator

    whos best to hire to build a private residential elevator in a house?
    any company's in particular...price range?
    how long this usually takes...

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    I have a Otis elevator. They have residential sizes but a got one just a little larger so that Mike and the 2 dogs could be in it with me. The contractor built everything around it and then Otis came in and installed it. They have a service plan where they come and do check ups on it and 24/7 emergency service. We have been very happy with it. Cost depends on the number of stops you want.

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    It might depend on where you live. I think indoor elevators have become much more common over the years and will continue to do so because of aging demographics. If you are in a fairly densely populated area you might start looking locally.
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    cost depends on the features and cab size. usually the shaft or the enclosed area where the elevator needs to be installed is a separate cost.

    i got one from the prolift voyager model. pretty decent cab size of 35" x 60". i could fit 2 people in it with me, and i'm in an electric wheelchair. i have been using it for 2 yrs and hasn't broken down once.

    with this particular company, installation time depends on the dealer. the dealer on my area took several months before they came and install the elevator. maybe this won't be the case if you're in the US, and maybe i just got screwed because i had this installed outside of US.

    hey dmm, how often is maintenance done on your elevator? how much are they charging you? i'm paying around $80 bucks for a monthly maintenance... am i getting rip-off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by freedomdan View Post
    whos best to hire to build a private residential elevator in a house?
    any company's in particular...price range?
    how long this usually takes...
    Please fill out your profile so that others know who they are speaking to.
    Thanks !

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    We installed a National-Wheel-O-Vator elevator in our home. It stops at three levels, has automatic doors, opens front way depending on which floor you are on. It cost between 45,000 and 50,000 dollars. That was just the elevator installation and elevator. They are not cheap.

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    I have an Inclinator elevator. I am happy with it.
    Suncomeout - that sounds like a lot of maintainance. Mine is 2 visits a year - each costing 100 dollars.
    Ours has 2 doors, one opens in one direction and on the other floor opens 90 degrees to the side. Mine is rated to 350 lbs , so I weigh 150, and it can take me and the 2 dogs upstairs.
    Installed a phone in the cab in case one got stuck.
    The whole venture is a medical tax deduction remember. That goes for maintainence too.
    Oh - I had the elevator people choose the contractor that they like to work with to make the shaft. I think that is important since the shaft has to be plumb.

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    I don't have an elevator in my house but I wish I did. My sense is that it would be very expensive, I don't think I'd get my money back when we sell the house and there's really no subtle location where to put it. You should check with your state disability commission to see about low/no interest loans for HP home elevators. Anyway, check out this elevator, it looks very cool to me and one model can accomodate most wheelchair sizes;

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    We have a Cambridge elevator that we added on to the house. It was very expensive (we live in Alaska) - the shaft had to be built to the same R factor as the house for heat purposes, had to meet earthquake codes etc. We also installed a 20kw generator as well since we deal with frequent power outages. While we don't have a service company here in town, over the phone Cambridge has been outstanding working with local contractors. They also came up here and installed it.

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    Since an elevator can be rather expensive, another option is an Incline Platform Lift. These use a track system, which runs the distance of the staircase. The platform comes in different sizes and when not in use folds up, so the stairs can still be used.

    The advantage is that this option will likely cost less than an elevator and requires less modification to the home.
    However, they require a larger staircase, so might not be suited for residential staircases.

    There are several manufacturers, which offer different sized lifts. There are models available that can be used with curved or straight staircases as well.

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