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Thread: An accident waiting to happen

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    An accident waiting to happen

    I found the list about 4 years ago after searching the net for a list and possible chat room.

    In 2001 I had a car accident and after hitting the car in front of me my head hit the sun-visor and from there everything went numb from the neck down. It wasn't the first time that I had experienced the complete loss of feeling from the neck down. See I'm an achondroplastic dwarf and because I have to sit a little closer to the steering wheel a risk I take.

    The first time I lost complete feeling was in 1974 when I was young and invincible and thought I'd take up body surfing and of course the first time I caught a wave I stayed with it till the end where I was dumped face first into the sand. Luckily the kids I was with noticed I was floating face first in the water and carried me to the shore. Sure the life guard came, but he said to me "no worries you just have a stinger and you'll be fine in a few hours". Well after lying on a towel for about 10 hours in the hot sun all of the feeling with the exception the a pins and needles feeling from my elbows down came back. The second time that I had the same type thing happen was in 1976 in Kuwait. I was driving down the airport road when all of a sudden out of the desert comes a bulldozer in front of me. I of course hit his big back tire and my head hit the sun-visor and again no feeling. After being taken to the hospital the driver of the dozer was taken jail because thats what happens to people when theres an injury. I was suppose to go there too but the owner of the house that we rented while over the was the chief of police and he kept me out of jail. I was in the hospital for about 5 days because they were trying to figure out why I was short and the reason for my numbness. Eventually the feeling came back, but this time it took about a week and for about three months I again had the pin and needles feeling from the elbow down. Oh yes when I was released from the hospital the driver of the dozer was released from jail.

    In 1982 I finally had to have back surgery L1 to L5 after surgery I was able to get up and around with a walker. In 1998 was again having numbness in my lower limbs and the doctor did a surgery S1 to T8 and put in rods from L3 to T8. After 3 months of extensive therapy I came home with four wheeled walker.

    So after accidents and several surgeries I'm now confined full time to a wheelchair and basically homebound. Because of my injury and lack of arm length it leaves me with the inability to get out of wheelchair on my own wheelchair without assistance from my wife/caregiver to transfer to a shower or commode chair. Since the wife works on average 35 hrs a wk this situation make me being on my own difficult. Due to the fact that I make to much much money off SSDI, but not enough to hire an aide to assist us also makes the situation difficult.

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    Sometimes I think that if you have life limitations which you have made peace with then acquire a disability like sci, it must be really hard. Hang in there.

    Would you benefit from use of a power chair, something like a Permobil (maybe one of their kid chairs) that would provide a great deal of seat mobility (low seat, high seat) that would enable you to do all gravity transfers. I would think considering your special circumstances you could get insurance to fund this. I don't know if you are incontinent (bowel and bladder) this could complicate the independence issues. Can you perhaps be seen for a wheelchair seating evaluation by a PT with a specialty in this area.

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    Damm you have had it! I broke my back "L4&5" when I was 13 had the pins and needles in my feet the first few times they got me up to walk but it left. Then again a T12 burst at 43 the pain has never left this time so I got a little of what your feeling. Like AG said Hang in and hopefully something will come up to help!!!!! Good Luck!

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    Sorry, you've had your fair share of sci accidents.
    I hope you get things worked out better.
    God Bless~

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