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Thread: Walking Paras and Quads

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    Walking Paras and Quads

    From my own observations and what has been posted on CC there are more walking Quads than Paras. Why is that? Could it be that most Paras are complete and many Quads are not?
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    Hi Wazab,
    The reason there are more walking incomplete quads than paras is that Incomplete Quads make up the largest group of SCI in the US.
    KLM - SCI-Nurse posted an article that had the numbers and statistics. But incomplete quads was the most common, then complete paras, then complete quads, then incomplete paras.....
    Your observation is correct.

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    Arndog, thanks for your response. I plan to read KLM's info. This is the beauty of CC, so many knowledgable folks, ready to help.
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    I was also told that there are more incomplete quads than incomplete paras because of the amount of time it takes to get pressure off the spinal cord after injury.
    With a cervical injury - pressure can be taken off the cord sometimes as soon as the neck is repositioned or at least in the ER with traction.
    With a thoracic injury pressure can't be taken off the spinal cord until surgery.

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