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Thread: Creaking and movement in back?

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    Creaking and movement in back?

    Hello all. I am 6 months post injury. Oct 08 T9/T10 complete para. I had a T5-T10 fusion. Two rods, 12 screws. Just yesterday I started feeling and hearing "creaking" and movement in my back. It's around T5ish area. My wife can feel movement and hear it as well when I move around. I have never felt/heard this before. So far I have no new pain associated with this but I am very concerned. Could a screw have come loose or something broke? Any others advice or similar situations would be appreciated. Thanks all

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    To be sure you need to go to your doctor and he can get it -rayed.

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    I've got Harrington rods, and they creak all time. One end of mine broke loose shortly after their install almost 29 years ago. The surgeon told me, unless it starts causing a problem, just ignore it. That's just what I've done.

    Make sure you follow up with a medical opinion.

    Good Luck...


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    I too get creaking, and my doc assures me it is ok. (He did xrays to be sure)

    SO I would bring it up with your doctor, but it is probably no reason to worry.
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    Probably one of my biggest nightmares is that my new fusion will break. What causes rods to break? My fusion is pretty solid from what the xrays show, with healthy bone formed around it. It's been almost two years since my surgery.

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    A fusion can take a year to 2 years to get really solid , so I would bring it up with your docs and make sure you are healing well.

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