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Thread: Hot Peppers anyone else growing them for 09?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoFla View Post
    Habanaro grows very nicely in a pot. I do most of my gardening in pots.

    what else grows nicely in pots? i know herbs do well but are there any veggies that grow well in pots? also what is the best way to start seeds and since they will be in pots can i use a bigger pot to start them in and is there still a certain time that is good? thanks for the help!!

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    Since I live in Florida I cannot help with your when to start question. We start planting in mid September, and the garden is finished in April or May. My pot garden grows lettuce, radishes, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, and herbs. Most herbs last through the summer heat, with much care to water and trimming.

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    I have grown Hab & Jalapeno peppers in containers. The bigger the better it seems. They seem to do quite well in containers & can thrive after transplanting.

    I will not grow Hab peppers anymore as they are not that enjoyable to me & are too hot. Not jalapeno's I can eat by the hand full.

    Just make sure that you do not over water your peppers when they are in containers. They should be well water, but need good drainage etc.

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    so put them in a fairly big pot then right from the start? do they need a lot of sun or no? thanks for the help missouri

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    Quote Originally Posted by bailey5774 View Post
    so put them in a fairly big pot then right from the start? do they need a lot of sun or no? thanks for the help missouri
    Once the seedling is started there should not be a problem putting it into a larger pot. Sometimes it helps to step up the container size as it grows, as you can burry the stalk deeper & make for a sturdier / stronger plant.

    They love the sun, just make sure they get hardened properly and watered with proper drainage. The sun can easily burn up young plants if not careful.

    What I suggest is just get some extra seeds & containers & use this summer as an experiment. By this time next year you should know what works for you and do it right.

    FYI I had at least 10 plants last year that I started a little bit late & that was not a lot once you finally get them canned etc. I'd like to have at least 30plants this year, not sure if that is going to happen though considering my lack of containers.

    I'd like to be able to eat them regularly as well as get some canned & stockpiled.

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    As far as containers, you can use those big kitty litter containers(wash them out good and put holes in the bottom so they drain). I had very good luck last summer with peppers and tomatoes in containers. I like to roast the peppers on the grill and then freeze them whole. You can freeze peppers whole just in freezer bags too. I can mainly just tomato sauce. I personally like the taste of frozen veggies over canned.

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    thanks MOMO for telling me what to do with my empty cat litter containers. Unfortunatly we do not have plastic recycling here and I hate throwing those things in the trash. I have saved a few for watering the pots in the summer. Saves dragging the hose, but only need so many. I have used the large coffee containers for pots before. I remember my grandmother had starts of everything in tin cans on the railing of her back porch.
    This year I want to make some pickles and grow a "non-hot" jalepeno I discovered last year.

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    I am wanting to start a garden this year and I am wondering what is the best tasting pepper that has a little bite to it


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    I'm going to plant some cayenne peppers. We have a wonderful farmers market nearby and a guy who grows nothing but peppers has a stand there so I don't need to grow too many varieties.

    I got a bag full of peppers at the end of the season last year, smoked them on the grill then pulled off the skin and seeds and froze them. We've been eating them all winter. Yummy!

    We're looking to get a horse trough and punch some holes in the bottom then convert it into a raised bed my son can access without having to bend over. Should be fun.

    I do have garlic in the ground now. Planted it in the fall. Haven't grown it before so it should be interesting. There are little shoots coming up already. I'm hopeful some of it will turn out OK.
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