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Thread: HELP .. my uncle got MS

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    HELP .. my uncle got MS

    I'm looking for advices please ;
    He got Multiple Sclerosis in 2005 and cured but yesterday he suffering from tingling at the right arm and right leg.
    Recent MRI at May 2008
    The reports :

    different pulse sequences in different planes revealed:

    *In comparison to last MR study 1/05 the current study revealed no significant change in the status of the bilateral periventricular and left centrum semiovale non-enchancing white matter MS plaques, hyperintense on FLAIR and T2WI.
    *Premature diffuse decrease brain volume reflecting generalized dilation of the ventricular system and the brain sulci.
    *No shift of midline structures.
    *No definite intracerebral hematoma nor extra axial collection could be detected.
    *Normal MRI structural appearance ofc the posterior cranial fossa, pituitary gland and the craniocervical juncftion.
    *Right maxillary severe sinsusitis.
    *Bilateral hypertrophy of the nasal turbinates.

    different pulse sequences in different planes revealed:

    *Diffuse, inclined to the right, C4/C5 annular disc bulge flattening the anterior subarachnoid space with impingement of the adjoing right C5 nerve root and right mild adjacent spinal cord high T2 signal gliosis.
    *Mild diffuse, inclined to the left, C5/C6 annular disc bulge indenting more the left C6 nerve root.
    *The spinal cord shows ill-defined high T2 signal lesion at C6/C7 level (better seen on the axial images) that could be an MS plaque needing clinical correlation.
    *Myospasm straightening of the cervical spine is noted.
    *Cervical spondylotic changes are noted.
    *Normal MRI structural appearance and signal intensity of the rest of scanned discs with no evidence of disc lesion.
    *Intact vertebral bodies and neural arches that appear of normal signal intensity.
    *Normal MRI structures appearance of the cranio-cervical junction.

    I'm waiting for replay and advices.

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    If he was diagnosed with MS in 2005 he has not been cured. There is no cure for MS. Many people with MS have the type called Relapsing-Remitting MS (RRMS). 85% have this type. This is characterized by exacerbations where the symptoms get suddenly worse, and then periods of remission where symptoms either go away entirely or get much better, but the disease process is still going on. It is very likely that he was just in a long remission. Many of these people eventually develop SPMS (Secondary Progressive MS) where their symptoms never go away with a remission, and they gradually over time decrease their function and increase their impairment.

    The MRI scan you posted shows fairly typical multiple lesions characteristic of MS, as well as vetebral disc disease (unrelated but also likely to cause neurologic symptoms). He also has some brain atrophy, which is rarely seen in early MS and may or may not be related to MS.

    Where is your uncle? Does he have a good neurologist? Is he in touch with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (in the USA)? Is he on any of the immune modulated drugs used for MS such as Betaseron, Avonex, Rebif, or Copaxone? These drugs are used primarily for RRMS, and must be taken routinely, not just during periods of exacerbation.


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    He is 50 yrs. he lives in Egypt. i think he have good neurologist but he is not in touch with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (in the USA) .
    He is on routinely Rebif 3 times a weak.
    but nobody mention the brain atrophy and he has no idea about that. i guess the neurologist didn't like to let him know not to worry him. or the neurologist didn't realize that ?? anyway ..what we can do with that atrophy .. should we have to start anything or any drugs ?

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    Unfortunately, at this point there is no way to reverse brain atrophy, which is from death of neurons. If we knew how to regrow neurons, we probably could cure both SCI and MS.

    Which type of MS does he have? RRMS? SPMS? PPMS?

    There is a lot of information about MS, and about drug therapies as well as new research at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society webpage which he can access on-line:


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    "Lithium increased nerve growth factor."
    This, and many other related, referenced excerpts may be read in the attached pdf.
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