After last years fiasco, I took in a handled box and a photographers equipment dolly.

In 20 min i found:

on 10 inch

Mills Brothers- Souvenir album, complete- decca

Smoke Rings- collection of smoking songs, Victor records

Up Swing- collection by Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw- victor records- complete

Andrews Sisters - Decca Collection, 5 records, complete

on 12 inch I bought:

Madam Butterfly, highlights, with James Melton, RCA Red Seal, complete, immaculate.

Music of Victor Herbert, Andre Kostelanitz, CBS Masterorks, complete, immaculate

Gershwin, COncerto in F, Oscarl Levant, Andre Kostelanitz, complete, immaculate, cover supposedly by Stuart Davis

Franz Von Suppe, Favorite Overtures, Sir Adrian Boulte, immaculate, complete, RCA Red seal

Tschaikowsky, Symphony # 6, Eugene Ormandy, RCA red Seal, immaculate, still has shipping pads in it

Rachmaninoff, Concerto in B, Eugene Ormandy, RCA Red Seal cover by Artzybasheff, immaculate, still has pads

Tschaikowsky,concert #1, Barbirolli conducting, Rubenstien on piano, RCA Red Seal, immaculate with shipping pads

All of the above was 15 dollars

Did i do good or what?