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Thread: "Saga" continues. modified frame ZRA or TR?

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    "Saga" continues. modified frame ZRA or TR?

    I received my CAD drawing from TiLite to modify the ZRA frame to accept flip ups (why I need them explained in another thread). It's the same mod. picasso has on his chair with the extra cross tube connecting the down tubes, sorta forming a half circle behind the calves. Not sure I like the look and besides it loses the advantage of a cantilever frame, right? Wondering if getting a TR would be/look better. The cross tube would be across the lower down tubes, and straight across farther back, maybe looking more "normal". Looks is as important to me as function. What do you think looks better? There is that extra down tube on the TR which makes it look "clunkier". I know, not having flip ups would look better, but they're necessary. Wish I knew how to add the pictures of the two to show folks. Unfortunately I'm not that computer literate. Thanks for ALL responses! I need to get this settled!
    p.s. Actually, the TR mod. is on page 35 of TiLites Designs Unlimited site. I'd be getting the tubular flip ups, not the flat plates.
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    I don't get page numbers when viewing that pdf.

    But it is real easy to attach pics here. under the posting section, there is a button "Go Advanced", click that and go down to the bottom of the next page, you will see "Manage Attachments". Click that and it will lead you thru attaching pics to your post.
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    Thanks McDuff. I'm really feeling illiterate now. I've been trying to get the pics in a FILE so I can attach them and can't even do that! Actually in Designs Unlimited it's in the first section under "two piece flip up footplates". Click on that and it shows the mod. on the TR. When I SCROLLED down to it, it showed pg.35 at the bottom of my screen, not on the page. Sorry for that confusion. The ZRA mod. can be seen by typing Picasso in "search" at the top of this page. The first entry shown there takes you to pics of his modification. I really appreciate anyone's opinion about these mods. SCI_OTR, are you around? Thanks all! Lynne

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    Hi Lynn,

    I looked at both pics(good directions ) I like the looks of the ZR mod better than the TR. But I like the ZR better in general. The extra brace on the ZR doesn't look bad, and your legs will be hiding most of it. It still gives a cleaner look underneath than the TR has.

    As far as your pic problem: if you have them as attachments in an email just "right-click"("ctrl-click" on a Mac) on the attachment and you will have the option to save them off. It should default into your "Documents" area.
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    I think you're right about how the ZRA looks "cleaner". I'll sure lose the "L" frame convenience, however. Not that important with my van though. Thanks, McDuff.

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