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Thread: Need Help SCI Nurse Dr. Wise - Numbness and Tingling

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    Need Help SCI Nurse Dr. Wise - Numbness and Tingling

    Dr. Wise/SCI Nurse,
    I have been on this board since 2003 when my husband sustained a c3/4 inc sci. For about two weeks now I have been experiencing numbness and tingling in my right arm. Inside (toward my body) extending to the top of the thumb and hand. Appears to be position related, so for example if I lean forward or bend down to pick up something it occurs. I can make it happen. No trauma occurred proceeding these symptoms. I am 57 years old, healthy and active. Lot of stress in my life though.

    I never go to the dr. for myself, but I am now beginning to worry, since generally things tend to resolve within 10 - 14 days when it is nothing serious. This is now heading into the 3rd week. Initially it began as an aching in my upper arm. After about a week progressed to the symptoms I describe now. Although it doesn't seem to be getting worse, it is not getting any better. I can't notice a loss of strength or weakness, and ROM seems normal to me. I have been a caregiver to my husband for all these years and I am scared to death that I have something SCI related. Bad enough to step into this, SCI, as we did knowing nothing. After seeing what I have seen, learned what I have learned... scared.

    My questions: I don't even know what kind of dr to go to. Should I go to a Sports Medicine? Family Practice? Neurologist? I know noone can diagnose over the internet, but does this sound serious?

    Sorry to come here for something like this, would never hesitate to ask something about my husbands condition. But for me....
    Thanks in advance for your advice and help.

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    Sounds like a nerve is getting impinged when you move into the wrong position. I would suggest having a doctor take a look. You can count on them wanting to do some imaging to see what's going on. As to what kind of a doctor, can you find an orthopedic or physiatrist with SCI experience? SCI experience is the main thing here, that's the only reason I'd hesitate on the sports med idea, but a neurologist might be a good choice as well.

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    I had these symptoms and went to an Orthopedic surgeon. He did an MRI and found the issue.

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