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Thread: Any sugestions for care during /after surgery

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    Any sugestions for care during /after surgery

    Hi All

    I am scheduled for surgey Thursday to untether the spinal cord. I flew down from Upstate NY to Jackson Memorial I was told DR Wang and Dr Green were the best doctors for this specific operation? Has anyone used Jackson Memorial hospital? Can you give me any suggestions reguarding the hospital stay to make my stay better. The last surgery I had in NY was a horrible ICU experience after the surgery.
    I swore I would never go through another surgery or that pain again. No matter what they did they couldnt controll my pain with that dumb PCA pump. I was told that Dr Wang was a big fan of the PCA pump and I have yet to resolve this issue. The last time I had surgery I was unable to physically push the button with ease so the nurses that assured me they would be right there for me if I needed them taped the button to my hand so I could find it and try and push it easier, and I was supose to push the button every 5min. It makes no sense to me to try to get rest while in extreme pain and be expected to push a button every 5min. Even after the Pain Doctors came up to see how much pain I was in they would increase the dose/strength untill I complained again 30min later I didnt think they got it that it just did not work for me. It was boarderline torture. After a day and a half another Doctor was nice enough to take me onto his service remove the pump and have the nurse give me IV pain meds every 2 hours problem solved.
    Any sugestions on what to do in advance reguarding my stay to make it easier than last time would be greatley appreciated, especially I am from NY so only 1 family member will be down here in Miami at a time. Someone mentioned that the hospital would possibly let them stay in my room after surgery. Any other suggestions reguarding Jacksonville Memorial would be great. I cant go through what I did last time. I just do not have faith in the nursing staff to come in when they are really needed. The nurses are usually great I find that thet are just overworked or spread to thin.


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    Dr Green did my surgery. I cannot say enough good words about my stay at JMH! Only the food sucks.

    The ICU nurses were great, from what I remember. I would forget to use the pump, and they would pump, pump, and pump some more. I was moved into a private room, as that is what Dr Green requested. My husband was offered a cot, but chose to go home at night. When I called for help, someone answered immediately. Rest assured that you will be in good hands with the professionals at JMH.

    There is a nice restaurant in the complex. Have your family member bring you some decent food from there. What is served in the room is slop! How does one ruin oatmeal?

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