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Thread: My first major pressure sore in 18 years.

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    My first major pressure sore in 18 years.

    From the "how can I be so stupid?" department.

    A pair of scissors fell from my bed into my shoe on Feb. 27 or 28. I noticed some spasms in my foot and some throbbing in the big toe and body chills. I thought it was AD from sitting on the commode too long.

    My caregiver saw some redness on Saturday night and said I might have dropped something on it. The right side of the big toe never got sore in the past, so I agreed.

    When I got into bed March 1, the caregiver showed me a deep purple sore the size of a nickel. We still didn't know the cause, but planned to keep the shoe off for a while.

    Yesterday (Monday) morning, the (caregiver) said she had not seen my orange scissors for a couple of days. She picked up my shoe and you can pretty much guess what fell out of it.

    Since Sunday, all pressure has been removed from the area. The foot is on a big furry pad tied to my left footplate.

    The color is improving. The outer edges are starting to get deep red, which sure beats purple and necrotic black.

    I am scheduled to see a wound-care specialist today, but might cancel because it's 15 degrees out there, I can't wear a shoe and I'm afraid if I bump it, it could break and I'd be out of commission the rest of the year.

    So far, it is dry and has not formed a scab or blister. I will try to post a photo of it.

    I am just keeping it dry now, unless someone has another suggestion.

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    Sorry for your boo boo.
    Sounds like you have a good aide.
    Praying it heals fast for you.

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    I'd recommend compression stockings, at least until the sore heals. They provide circulation to carry away the nasty bits. Good luck and praise Allah that the scissors weren't under your butt. :-)

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    Is the area open at all?
    If not and the skin is intact, keeping it dry and keeping pressure off is good. If it is open, please describe it further.


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    The skin is still intact.

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    When my son was still in rehab we heard a story of a quad who lost his foot because he'd bought new shoes and one them still had the wad of tissue in the toe box. No one noticed until his toes were too far gone to save, and the wound spread until they had to amputate his foot. So I'd say, "good save" and hope it heals fast.
    On a MUCH funnier note, we use to have a cat and that cat had the little rabbit fur mice toys all over the house. I was getting ready to go jogging and put my shoe on and felt something in it. I reached in, felt fur, pulled this grey fuzzy thing out of my shoe. I screamed and threw it across the room before I realized it was just a cat toy. Pretty funnny, really. Do cats laugh? I hope so, 'cause she got me good.

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    Glad its intact. It sounds like it could be deep tissue trauma (see this in the new pressure sore staging post at the beginning of this care forum). Most likely it will heal from the inside out. Keep it clean and dry, keep the pressure off as you seem to be doing and wait to see what develops. Do not remove any of the skin but let it heal on its own. If it opens up, I would see someone or post again.


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    Ouch! Hope it heals quick!

    My cats are constantly shoving things into David's shoes too (paperballs, hair-bands - they get the cheap toys! lol)

    I can't believe that tissue in the shoe story! Amputating the foot - sheesh!

    Setback here too - blood blister looking spot on the right ankle (and that foot was completely healed too darn it).
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    My doctor saw the toe and said it is a blood blister caused by pressure.
    He advised me to keep it dry and pressure-free and to call him if it forms a scab.

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    Sore photo

    From Wednesday.

    Photo didn't upload. Try the next entry.

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