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    Question MatRX Elite?

    Slow progress in getting a new chair. Therapist is recommending a MatRX Elite back, 12". He showed me one, but without the hardware. Now I'm seeing them here on chairs, and, my gosh, the hardware is so ugly! Isn't there a sleek-looking adjustable hardback without such clunky hardware? I now have a J2 and it's not as adjustable(I guess?). The J3 was suggested, but I wanted a simpler smooth back. Do I have to choose between a smooth back or uncomplicated hardware? I don't want all that junk hanging off, or cutouts and fold overs on the back. Help! Thanks!

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    go here:

    a.k.a. the jetstream pro, by roho

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    Thanks, Scott. That does look "cleaner". Question. Do I really need the adjustable hardware if I order an adjustable chair back? I need it to not take up so much room in the seat. Maybe that's why they're suggesting the adjustable hardware? They suggested the MatRX was good for that. I had that problem with my J2 and have to slide the cushion off the front of my frame to be comfortable. These decisions are SO scary! Thanks for suggestions! Lynne

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    Does anyone know for sure if the JetStream pro comes in a 13"? I was interested after Scott mentioned it but the site says 10" and 16". I have a 16" J2 now and am concerned about going shorter than 12". I think I like look of the hardware for the JetStream better than the MatRX Elite.

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