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Thread: HELP! i am in the hospital with pneumonia

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    HELP! i am in the hospital with pneumonia

    i am a c6 quadriplegic, had a simple cold , the first in the 5 years since my accident, and ended up in the hospital with pneumonia.for the last two weeks. i feel like i am going through hell, terribly weak. i cannot caugh the mucus up at all and they need to to a bronchioskopie - pretty nasty procedure - every day, and still then the mucus is often bugging me to the point i think i cannot breath any more. i am on oxygen all the time.
    one of the doctors was nice enough to give me a laptop tonight. so please answer fast, my friends.
    you can try calling me here too. i am in germany, university hospital freiburg 011 49 761 270 75163. regine, in really pittyful shape

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    I was at Zentral Klinikum-Augsburg for 6 weeks ICU-acute Neurologic ward. I had to go through the lung suctioning then too. Ask if they can give you a shot of liquid diazepam before suctioning. It helps a lot. Stay away from foods and drinks that cause more mucous like diary and beer. Try to drink as much hot tea as possible and are they treating you with a mucous thinner like Guaifenex PSE 120? Tell the doctor to look it up at And believe me, you are likely to get through it better in a German Hospital than an American one. We carpet and vacumn patient rooms instead of disinfecting twice a day. Oh, have they cultured the mucous so you're on antibiotics? Good luck Regine!
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    No advice, but I hope you get well soon.
    C4/5 functioning on a C6 level, use of left hand, no triceps

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    If they do a bronchoscopy they can see if you have any mucus plugs and remove them.
    Hope yo feel better soon!

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    sorry your sick, hope you feel better soon.

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    make sure they check your skin for pressure
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    Did they give you any antibiotics? Keep turning side to side every 2 hours
    or less. Have someone pat you're back. Hot tea is good to drink too.

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    So sorry you are ill, and I am hoping you feel better very soon!

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    Sorry you're sick! Get well fast! God bless you!

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    I'm a c6/c7 quad, and I can't cough properly. I had pneumonia right after my injury. What I found helped was to lie with the bed tilted so my head was lower than my feet. Gravity helped get the mucus moving out of my lungs into my throat so I could cough it up better. Even if they just put a pillow under my butt (not all beds tilt in the right direction) it helped somewhat.

    Hope you feel better soon,


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