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Thread: Lookink for place to stay in Miami Re:Mami Project

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    Lookink for place to stay in Miami Re:Mami Project

    Hi All

    Not sure best place to post this

    I should have posted this days ago.I am from upstate NY and found myself in the hospital all last week from side effects from my SCI. I have Syrnix in my spinal cord and had surgery last year draining the fluid from my cord and replacing the harware c-3 through c-6 now I have the same symptoms as prior to that operation I wastold that there was a tethering of the cord and scar tissue that may be causing the problems. The Doctors felt uncomfortable doing the operation on Long Island and recomended Dr Michael Wang at the Miami Project was the best one for this type of surgey. So we boarded a flight Friday for a 10:00am apointment on Monday at Jacksonville Memorial. I am somewhat stable with a foley in and leg bag alonmg with pain meds to get me through till Monday I am trying my best to stay out of the hospital untill Monday. I have a family member with me 24/7. Having family comining in and out of time over the next week will be to expensive for us. Does anyone know of a cheap place to stay for 1 person per night? I was unable to get to much info from the Miami project and I am not sure why. Time was of an issure in getting a flight out of NY and down to Miami. I hope I made the right choice in flying down here? Does the Miami project help in anyway of help finding a room or get discounts somewhere? Or any suggestions on any type of accomidations/tranportation wouild be appreciated.

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    Mark I'm going to move this to the Life forum .... you'll get more response there I think! Wishing you all the best !

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    Try calling Jackson Memorial Hospital which is where your surgery will probably be.
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    Did you find a place?

    PM me if you need help. While I do not have the answer, I'll gladly help u find it.
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    Hey Mark,

    I have a friend (quad) who goes to univ of miami. I have a call into him to see if has room.

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    Your family member may be permitted to stay with you. My husband was offered a cot in my room when I had surgery there.

    JMH is close to public transportation. The Metrorail station is right outside the hospital.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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    My friend has plenty of room if you still need.

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    Places to stay

    Thanks for the advice and for the place to stay during my surgery. My surgery is set for this Thursday I hope I am in the best place for this surgery (untether the cord) Dr Wang and Dr Green will be doing the surgery anyone else use them? I had a terrible experience after my last surgery reguarding nursing care in the ICU at LIJ in NY especially with pain controll. I hope this wont be an issue here. Do you think they would let someone stay in the room with me a family member would be great after surgery.

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