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Thread: Stimulus and us here on Care Cure Community

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    Exclamation Stimulus and us here on Care Cure Community

    I was surfing and found this web site :->

    Supposively this website was created out of the "Obama Stimulus Package". I guess I am too jaded with (TTW&WI) to really trust anything out of the Government.

    If some one uses the site and finds it helpful please share your thoughts, either successful or rant aganist the governments new propaganda Bullshit-o-meter.

    Share your thoughts/ success in this thread's Postings!

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    I think its just another hot air balloon like "ticket to work" and "Vocational Rehab".

    I have had more luck with employment myself than anything connected with the government.

    I even attempted to get into the VA hospital system since my degree is in the medical field. There is so much red tape.....why bother?

    My vocational Rehabilitation counselor of 15 years had no idea what this was:

    An individual who has a physical disability is considered to have met OPM qualification standards for either a temporary competitive service appointment or an excepted service Schedule A appointment when an appropriate certification is received from a State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (SVRA) or the Department of Veterans Affairs. The certification is prepared by a counselor on the basis of job-site inspection, analysis of job tasks, and evaluation of the proposed appointee’s abilities and disabilities.
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    DD...I scanned over that (very briefly), seems they want an official 'certification' that you were competant enough under the state's supervision for 2 years? LOL I like the part of 'hiring mental retardation' lumped in the same body as physical dis, you know your IQ drops 100 pts with a wheelchair attached to your ass you know, all and the same!

    I dunno, ever since that thing about a civilian nuclear engineer for the Navy thing I played with, I have some real doubts of the gubment's hiring process (or having functional one for that matter). I think you almost need a degree in Navigation of the Gubment to get that rolling.

    Now if they would let me draw SSDI for another year while working....

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    I'm not looking to the government to handle my personal economy. I think anyone who does is possibly fooling him or herself. Even within your own community, are you really looking to the government to solve the microeconomy of your town, village or neighborhood?

    I'm asking this as a question, not as a taunt of any sort.

    As for Enable America, it looks like more of the same old tired hire the dis campaign than any actual hard numbers of hiring disabled individuals. For us to compete for jobs, we need to be at least as educated, experienced, ingenious, willing, creative, hardworking. Actually, I believe we must be more so than ab's applying for the same positions for no matter what anyone wants to think, there is a stigma among many employers when it comes to hiring us.

    Enable America also appears to be vet centered, which is great. However, again, it appears there is much more talking than doing when it comes to jobs. I found links to a number of things on the site, but a link for jobs was not in the banner.

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    Putting a website up that no one is ever going to read but us very futile. The only change will ever come with changing the preconceived perception alot of hiring people have. You will never see an employer out of the blue going to some disabled site seeking people. Create as many websites, ridiculous voc rehab counselors you want to it won't help. Just another way to inflate figures of what they are trying to do. Like Mem says there is never a link to actual jobs. Now hire disabled people to be voc rehab counselors or recruiters and you might start getting somewhere. People here interview me and I can tell they are like NO WAY. Not after they just dragged me up into their inaccessible building. They are thinking I have to pay 1000 just build a ramp before I even hire her, lets don't even get started on the bathroom. It doesn't matter who will pay for it that is what they think at first sight.
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    addie...Thanks for posting the way the real world works. I was going to touch on this but didnt want to ruffle any feathers. I think the same way...why bother with the added expense/drama. The only real solution is grow another spinal cord, or make it financially beneficial in a significant way to hire cripples.

    Basically, once youre in they cant get rid of you, but if you arent already in, chances are slim to get in. Somewhat Darwinian, eh?

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    What I found interesting about the Enable America site is the talking point (if you will) of how hiring "the disabled" (don't you love it when we're referred to en masse in that way? My words there, not necessarily theirs, but that's the feel I got from that site) is good for business. My first thought was it's not really good for biz from an economic standpoint, especially if a company is small.

    Private insurance for me included in a relatively modest pool could have a smallish firm or org feeling the pinch (or financial suicide depending upon how much a realist you are) inside a year, and that's in better economic times. Try floating that idea now and see what Jane or John Q. Potential Employer has to say about hiring a high risk individual.

    We're not impossible to employ and I'm definitely not saying no way. It happens. We get jobs, have careers, even great ones. We just have to have our A+ game on when going for prospective jobs. We have to choose potential employers with care, often considering insurance pool size before first interview.

    All the Enable America sites in the world will not fill in any lapse of experience, education, ability to perform the work required.

    Enable America may hold all the community meetings and business to business breakfasts it wishes, but the money spent is just so much another feel good, rah rah, do the right thing series of nano moments. Most importantly, don't we ultimately want to be hired because we are actually good at what we know and do and not because of what has happened to our bodies? I much prefer knowing each and every job I've ever held was due to my abilities, experience and although somewhat incomplete, my education. It seems in most cases I had my career in spite of my disabilities. I think it's that way for many of us, especially for those of us who are older and have been dis for decades.

    I don't want to get a job based upon my disability, never did. To do so would make me some part of a quota, a number, a stat in someone's pet program somewhere and that, to me at least, is far more dehumanizing than any rejection letter I've yet to receive in all these years.

    Who is Enable Ameica meant to appease? Those of us with disabilities? Or those lawmakers who want a kumbahya moment among their constituents and see Enable America and similar programs as a way of attempting to increase the numbers of us who are employed?

    I just know the person or persons who concocted and funded such an idea never asked a woman like me what I thought. It seems bad all around but then, I'm not looking to the government to solve all or even most of my problems.

    I hope most of us aren't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by addiesue View Post
    Create as many websites, ridiculous voc rehab counselors you want to it won't help.
    This reminds me of my first brush with voc rehab and why I paid for college myself rather than go through them for help.

    After the rehab guy looked through my paperwork, he said "Seriously, what kind of job do you think you could get?"

    "Your's." I answered....grrrrrrr.

    "We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek."
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