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Thread: Acai?

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    Is this for real?
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    the selling of it usually is a it is a big pyramid scheme for making money
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    Is it real what? It's a real plant, berry, product, etc. But probably not much more effective than snake oil.

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    acai is all the rage right now in the alternative medicine market. it supposedly treats everything from wrinkles to scurvy. but seriously, it's an amazonian fruit that's very high in antioxidants and vitamin c. it also yields an oil.

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    it tastes good.

    i like it in smoothies.

    health benefits? dunno. it's fruit.

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    I love Acai berries and drinks. Its the highest fruit with antioxidants. Its supposed to be better than pomegranate but I prefer it because it tastes better than pomegranate. I wouldn't substitute as a regular vitamin intake or for medicine though.

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    I tried ordering some seeds for the Acai Palm but have yet to recieve them. I'm thinking I may have been gipped.

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    I got a case of mona vie this week. Tastes great, kind of expensive, imho.

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    Suppose to be beneficial for you & cleanses the body, tastes good as a smoothie or shake. Not much else

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