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    Hi, my name’s Feran and I’m working with the Internet Explorer Outreach Team to provide assistance and help answer questions people might have about Internet Explorer.

    As trainman said, there is an Internet Explorer 8 available – the IE8 release candidate is in its final testing stages and close to what the final IE8 will be like. It is a more stable and reliable version of Internet Explorer and may help solve the issues you are experiencing.

    This site actually gives you the opportunity to test some of the new features, such as compatibility and security, in IE8:

    You can learn more about the IE8 RC1 as well as download it here if you’d like:

    Also, the IE8 blog - - will post something as soon as they do make the announcement about the release of the final version.


    Internet Explorer Outreach Team

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    firefox plus no script is awesome

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    I always use Mozila Firefox as my primary web browser because i can open new tabs

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    PCWorld Tests said that IE8 is faster and more secure.
    By and large, we found that Internet Explorer 8 performed well, and beat out Firefox 3.0.7 in the majority of our time trials.

    However, IE 8's performance advantage is relatively negligible. In most of our testing, IE 8's advantage was half a second or less.[1]
    ..but the Wall Street journalist Walt Mossberg doesn't share the same opinion after his reviews:
    ... in my tests, IE8 wasn’t as fast as Firefox, or two other notable browsers — the Windows version of Apple’s (AAPL) new Safari 4 and Google’s (GOOG) Chrome. IE8 loaded a variety of pages I tested more slowly than any of the other browsers, and it grew sluggish when juggling a large number of Web pages opened simultaneously in tabs.[2]
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    After persistent freezing with IE7 decided to update to the trial IE8. Appears to be stable 3 weeks down the track. Tried Firefox and it was fine but I just prefer IE.

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