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Thread: Introduction and Request

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    Introduction and Request

    New friends (hopefully that is not a presumptuous thing to say),

    A few weeks ago we ran across this site while searching for information. We’re overwhelmed at everything that can be found here, and felt that we just had to become a part of this.

    I am the Erin half of JoshandErin, which is how we always refer to ourselves. We were married on August 1. I finished grad school in June, and started a teaching job in August and Josh is in his final year in law school. Our lives were turned upside down, literally, on August 26. We were on our way home when we hit some gravel on a curve, skidded, and rolled down the embankment overturning one time. Josh had only some cuts and bruises. As for me, I broke my C6 and with that everything in our lives changed. Currently I am C6 complete, ASIA A.

    Our families have been wonderful, and both my mom and Josh’s mom have gone the extra mile to help with my care so that Josh can continue in school.

    Now for some things we’d like to know:

    1. I’d love to transition to a manual chair, at least for some of the day, if practical. We think it is something I might be able to do, especially after reading so much here. My PTs think that it’s possible as well. So, am I on the right track?
    2. If it is a good idea, then what is the best chair setup that we should be looking at? We want to be informed as best we can when we deal with “the system.”
    3. It has been suggested that we get a van for me to drive. We think it’s a good suggestion, but is a car really out of the question? It’s a big expense, but our folks have offered to help out here. Again, we’d like to be be informed so that we can make the best decision possible.

    Thanks for letting us ramble on. We’ll try not to take up too much time or space as we sort things out.

    Josh and Erin

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    Hi Erin and Josh,
    Wow, let me be the first to welcome you to Care Cure. Sorry you had to find us, but glad you did. I am sure more people will weigh in on the things you are asking, but here is my take on things. I think a manual chair is definitely in the realm of possiblity for exercise or even mobility on flat stretches. You will probably want to switch back and forth depending on your activities for any given day. For something like a shopping mall and the miles of corridors you might still prefer the ease of a power chair and the freedom it brings, while for shorter distances you might enjoy pushing a manual.
    I drove a regular car for years, but switched to a van a few years ago. To be honest, I thought I was going to hate the whole "soccer mom" look, but the freedom that van has granted me has more than made up for the sportiness I lost driving a car. I transfer to a six way seat (swivel side to side, front to back track, and height adjustable), and I can't even begin to tell you how nice it was to be able to finally transfer already INSIDE the vehicle, instead of in the pouring rain or blowing snow. The van also allows things that a car just never will as easily. My back windows are smoked glass, offering a fair amount of privacy. That allows the van to be used as everything from a travelling commode to a nap in my chair if I need to get some pressure relief while out for the day. It is a little bit like taking your living room with you wherever you go. Not sleek, but definitely comfortable!

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    Welcome to CC both of you...sorry ya had to find us though

    It's not an unreasonable goal to want to use a manual chair..If it's your goal, def work towards it. You'll find TONS of info re: chairs on the Equipment forum. Lots of info...

    You do not have to have a van...You can have a car, truck, suv, min-van, full size van, whatever you wish...whatever is easiest for you...There are conversions that would allow you to drive certain SUV's and possibly some trucks from a power chair, plus the plethera of vans/mini-vans...if you're gonna be going to a manual chair then your options are truely endless. You can drive a lot more vehicles if you are able to transfer yourself to the driver's seat & load your chair yourself.

    If you need a vehicle immediately and are still using a power chair, I'd recommend looking at trying to pick up a used mini-van for the time can find them online on e-bay or through the disabled dealer site...also look on craigslist or your local classifieds...I wouldn't recommend sinking in a ton of money into a vehicle that you are not 100% sure you want right now, you're still so new and you are trying to make progress...Somethign for "right now" is a necesary evil.

    Keep working hard, you've obviously got the motivation and determination...There are some cool intensive exercise based pt programs out there that you would probably benefit from greatly. If you want some info on them & what might be near you, just let us know & give us an idea of where you live so you can be pointed in the direction of resources closer to home...

    Congrats on the marriage! & welcome again to CC
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    Welcome to our family. There is so much to learn here, so just ask, someone will have an answer for sure.

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    Glad you found the site, sorry you had to, but you'll be really glad you did. The most friendly heelpful peeps, you won't beleive it. You've got it girl! you'll be back teaching soon. I met a lady 2 weeks ago who was high C injury , went back to finish school, got mast and is a math teacher at PLU in Seattle.
    It's ob vious you have the right stuff, your attitude is sooo good. I'll tell ya this, if you haven't heard it yet, THE most important thin g is going to be strength, for the rest of our lives, we have to do some workout every day of our lives. You get ur strength to be able to transfer, it's life changing. Good luck, you two newlyweds, and keep us posted, we love to hear from everyone.

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    Welcome to CC and I hope you have a good rehab.
    My son is C6/7 since July 2008 and he is using manual chair for 2 months now. He is on manual chair more than the power chair. He used to have a lot of pain around his neck and shoulder. His manual chair is Quickie Extender XPV. He doesn't drive yet but we bought the minivan so we can take him to therapy, shopping, movies...

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    Hi Josh and Erin,

    Sounds like you're doing well - thats great. I drive a car and I'm sure you could also. I will admit its a major PIA to transfer and breakndown the wc but I do it. The next time I buy a vehicle its going to be a van - no doubt. Anyway good to see you here and much success in your recovery .

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    JoshAndErin, So sorry to hear about your accident. It seems so unfair to have something like that happen to a newly married couple. I am so glad to hear that you have loving supportive families. That's a big plus. There's a lot of information here to help you on your journey forward. I wish you all the best.

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    Welcome to our family. There is so much here for you. Just feel free to ask anything. There is always someone who will know or has experienced something similar, and can really help.

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