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Thread: Permobile C400 charger

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    Permobile C400 charger

    I heard there is a small charger for this chair that I can purchase for travel. Anyone know where I can get one other than through a Permobile dealer?? Hate to have to take the big heavy home charger on our next cruise!


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    I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for or if it's even the correct charger.

    I just did a search to see what I could find.


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    The CTE charger used by Invacare and Quantum rehab will work and is available online here..

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    My chair uses this charger. Also works on my Quickie.
    Relatively small and light.
    24 volt 8 amp XLR 3 stage battery charger.
    C 5/6 Comp.
    No Tri's or hand function.

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    I recently researched chargers, looking for a quieter replacement for the charger that came with my Permobil C300. Ended up buying the Soneil 2408SRF. It's very small and light, much quieter than the original charger (no "hum", just a slight fan noise), charges the batteries just as fast (or faster) than the original charger, and cost only $93. I've only had it 2 weeks, but so far, I like it a lot.

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    I too have a Permobile C300. I sent an EMail to Permobil regarding this question. Here was their reply:

    Can a smaller / portable charger be used when traveling? If so which model would be recommended? I cannot "officially" recommend one. I do know of several people who use a small charger made by Soneil in Canada. Our engineers rejected this because it uses a small cooling fan, and they felt the sound would be an issue. In my estimation, and experience back in my dealer days, this was not the case. The people who had them liked them. I would check them out on-line, and make your own decision. Generally, the higher capacity, the better. a 6 amp charger is better than a 4 amp, and 8 is better than 8. bigger than 8 is probably overkill, though.

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    Well, of course Permobile is not going to recommend a different charger, but I know many who do use other brands. We ordered a Soneil 2408SRF and it should be here the first of the week. I will let you know how it goes. We leave on our cruise 3/14.


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    Have All 3 Battery Chargers in This Thread

    I have all 3 battery chargers shown in this thread & they all work ok on my PERMOBIL C-500.
    The large heavy charger came with my PERMOBIL chair & it hums when it's charging.

    The narrow thin charger w/the white charging cord came with my first power chair Invacare Action Arrow Storm Hvy duty chair. I've used it several times on my PERMOBIL chair. It's nice n quiet & turns off when the batteries are fully charged.

    The real small charger w/short cords came with a QUANTUM 600e chair that I had for only 6 months also works on my PERMOBIL chair.

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