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Thread: Hospital Beds?

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    Hospital Beds?

    I need a new bed. Despite spending quite a bit on supposedly good name brand bed years back it hasn't held up well. One thought that has crossed my mind is getting a Medicare hospital bed.

    I understand the ins and outs of payment/ purchase through talking to DME and also think my doctor would substaniate the medical need. There was a time I probably would not have considered one but will comprimise if it gets the job done and saves me over a thousand dollars which is what I figure a decent bed will cost

    My questions : are they comfotable, firm ? safe from avoiding break down ( have never had a problem w/skin/ bed) Should I consider it a bed of last resort or can they be good comfortable well made beds?

    thanks for any ideas.

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    Two different issues:
    1. The bed frame. Most hospital beds will not break down enough to get them through the door in your home unless you have 38" doors or sliders to get them into the house and room. Home care bed frames are designed to be disassembled and reassembled inside your house. Also, consider what functions you need. High/low (and how high or how low), head of bed elevation, leg elevation, types of side rails, types of controls, spring pan, solid pan or slat pan, Trendelenburg or reverse Trendelenburg, or bed chair configuration all have to be considered when purchasing hospital bed frames. We go through many different trials with different bed frames with input from nursing, housekeeping and engineering (for easy of repair and service) before selecting a new bed frame for any of our units in the hospital. Right now we have 6 different models of bed frames throughout the hospital from 3 different companies. There is not just one. Hospital type bed frames may not be approved for Medicare purchase or rental because they are much more expensive and have features that you may not be able to medically justify. Most are purchased with a separate mattress system.
    2. Mattresses: Some mattress systems are integral to the bed frame. These are primarily either pressure reducing (ie, alternating pressure) or low air loss (LAL) mattresses. Medicare criteria for purchase of such bed surfaces is dependent upon your current skin condition. They will not purchase these types for prevention, only if you already have breakdown. There are many other types of mattresses that are used in hospitals (at least 150 at my last count) that are designed as "replacement mattresses" meaning that they take the place of a standard (hard) hospital bed mattress. Some are foam, some static air, some static air and foam combined, some are powered, generally those that are turning, LAL or pressure reducing, and there are also gel and other high-tech surfaces such as air fluidized (built into the bed such as a Clinitron).
    I am not sure what you mean by a Medicare hospital bed. Can you explain further what your needs are and where you saw such a bed advertised? Which brand of frame and mattress are you looking at?


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    Bed, Mattress

    I purchased a slight used Invacare fully electric hospital type bed. Medicare furnished me with a semi electric bed, only that needed to be hand cranked to raise and lower the whole bed. The other functions were electric. My caregiver developed a wrist injury from the cranking, thus the fully electric bed.

    My mattress came with the bed and I topped it off with a Geo Mat. No pressure sores and the combination is comfortable. I change out the Geo Mat every 12-14 months to maintain it integrity.
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    transfermaster bed plus a neuropedic cc2000 mattress

    full size

    strong bed, well made right in the heartland of america

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    I have this bed but without the thing over, we call it a nurse help, and the wood on the side and it is 120 cm but I live alone

    And I have a tempuric mattress. I enjoy both the bed and the mattrass and it is not looking so hospital like except for the wheels that I am not allowed to take of
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    Quote Originally Posted by crags View Post
    transfermaster bed plus a neuropedic cc2000 mattress
    full size
    strong bed, well made right in the heartland of america
    Thanks to each of you for advice on bed. I have had sitting pain for a long time but usually could get some relief in bed and sleeping at night. Lately that has gotten worse and also aging shoulders are making unequal transfers more work as well as increasing chances of a mishap aka break a leg, etc.

    Crags, I went on to research "transfermaster" and matress you recommended... it looks like a dream, I am going to call the company. I see the product on "Spinlife" the price tag is steeper than I had hoped to spend especially combined with matress prices. But then sometimes to prevent costly situations and increase quality of life it is worth making the investment.

    It seems most of the bedding advice is going away from springs and more to "sleeping systems' , platforms etc.

    I had thought if I could defray some cost by getting a Medicare approved bed that might be a smart way to go but I can see now that the bed I have currently is a better quality than what Medicare would help with.

    Thanks for the ideas it has given me some good factors & products to consider.

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