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Thread: Ways to Tackle HSP

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    Ways to Tackle HSP

    I was wandering how people in other walks of life have treated their HSP. I have a bit more time on my hands than usual. So I am doing much more exercise to an equal amount of stretching. I have acupuncture, moxibustion and I take traditional chinese medicine. I also have massage every 2 wks. Of all these things, I am still trying to find something that seems to WORK.

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    Hi whity,

    I had a course of acupuncture to help straighten/relax the muscles in my back, and it worked. I have a slight forward curvature of the spine which involved a loss of height due to my being permanently slumped forward. I also have uneven rib cage and shoulder levels, tho' how much of this is down to HSP I have no idea, and none of the docs, beyond arranging the acupuncture have been overly concerned about it so far.

    Most physical activity is difficult for me, excersise, beyond the most basic, is pretty much out of the question. As I don't drive I try to walk whenever possible, rather than use taxis or public transport, and as I live alone, walking and general housework are about as much as I can cope with.


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