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Thread: Wheelchair cushion?

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    Wheelchair cushion?

    My husband uses a Invacare Storm TDX3 power chair with tilt. He has a Jay2 gell cushion. He has had this setup for 2 1/2 years now and in a chair for 3. He complains frequently that he is uncomfortable. He is wanting to sit on a pillow. We have had the chair guy come look to see if anything needs adjusting and he says its all ok. David wants to sit on a pillow but I am afraid that he will slide around in the chair. My question is - is there a better more comfortable cushion that I should look at?

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    DO NOT use up hello as a cushion. A pillow will bottom out on his pressure points and even with the tilt he would probably end up with a sore. It's important to get properly pressure mapped for a seat cushion to see what kind is the best for you. They are all different and there may be one that's more comfortable for him to use. I use a Roho quad chamber high-profile cushion. It's gotten low on me which caused a couple of really bad sores so I'm due to be pressure mapped again soon since I had surgery last summer which caused all my seating dynamics to change. Just whatever you do, don't let him sit on a pillow.
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    Thank you, I started this thread and then realized that there was another just like it from someone else. I've read that too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rybread View Post
    It's gotten low on me which caused a couple of really bad sores so I'm due to be pressure mapped again soon since I had surgery last summer which caused all my seating dynamics to change...
    i'm glad i read this because i never woulda thought to get pressure mapped again ater my surgery...i'll get mapped here in the next month! thanks.

    i swear this forum is the best resource for the sci'd.
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    I have experienced great relief from pressure sores & sitting discomfort by using an alternating pressure cushion *under* my Stimulite Classic. (about $150 from
    I have NO financial interest in this company.

    OK... For all those Purists:
    This is NOT a Medical Device. It probably has not been studied on people with paralysis. It may not have been shown to be any more effective in prevention of pressure sores in those with paralysis than placebos. Send flames to /dev/null

    A reasonably handy person can tap into the electrical system of most power chairs to install a 12 volt cigarette lighter.
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    I agree, do not use a pillow, even for a short time, it could easily result in pressure sores! rybread's advice is good.
    My wife uses a Roho quadtro QS1110 and it has worked very well for her.
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    Pressure Map

    I never understood what good is a pressure map if your sitting on a Roho where the pressure can change daily? We live at 3050 feet and when I travel to the Las Vegas strip which is at about 2000 feet my cushion gets flatter and if I fill it more when I am down there then when I get back home it's to full.

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    When I used a ROH0 cushion I found that my butt slid all over the cushion because of the scoliosis, I curved to the left like a banana (not that extreme) but my posture deteriorated more because my butt was always on the left side of the cushion against the inside of the arm of the wheelchair. This was before lightweight wheelchairs without arms so it happened both the manual and power chair.

    After getting a Jay cushion (and back) my butt sat right in the middle of the cushion. This helped with the pain and discomfort and decelerating the scoliosis.

    Also have a very bony butt with very little skin over the Ischia or hips, coccyx, spinal column, elbows, etc. I am 5 foot and weigh about 150 pounds so without being a quad I was scrawny.

    This has its benefits when transferring but does not give me much protection for the further abuses I put my body through.

    Thank goodness the only pressure sore I have had was on my left elbow. After breaking my right hip. I could only lie on my left side or back and it hurt more of my back so I was up on my left elbow for too long. Seeing how quickly it got deeper I immediately arranged some pillows to ensure my elbow did not touch anything when I was up on my left side.

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