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Thread: 1st Pregnancy! T12 SCI! I need information Please!

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    Congrats!! I am L1,2 Para and have two little boys (both post) One is 4 and one is 9.5 months. Being a mommy is awesome
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    Thanks Everyone! Keep the information coming!

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    My son is injured, not me, so I don't have any advice from an SCI perspective. I just wish you well. Being a mom is the most rewarding thing I've ever done. I loved being pregnant. Enjoy every nuance and change. Such a miraculous experience.

    Best wishes!
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    I myself am a single mom of 2 wonderful girls ages 13 and 5. I am a T10-11 para and have been since I was 15 so both girls are way way way post injury. The only advise I can give you as of now is to make sure you get rest, listen to everything your doctor says and also, make sure he listens to you. As a para I know my body better than anyone and with my first pregnancy my doctor didn't believe me any time I called and said that there was something wrong. As a result my eldest was preemie but she is wonderful, healthy and normal. So, just make sure that he listens to you no matter what.


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