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Thread: Wheelchair Pulls to the Left?

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    Wheelchair Pulls to the Left?

    My old Quickie 2 HP is really pulling to the left. It's a folding chair but I've had an EZ Lock component on the frame for several years so I don't think the frame is out of square. Before I try to have somebody figure it out....typically what are the first few things that would make a wheelchair do this? Thanks.

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    Tires evenly inflated?

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    I agree on tire inflation, both should be the same psi. Also, check left wheel bearings, wheel should spin freely.
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    My Top End Crossfire has started doing this, albeit not too severely. Tire pressure was my first guess, but everything is fine. I then checked to make sure one axle/camber tube wasn't out further than the one on the opposite side. Again, no problem. I checked my the stem on my caster forks to make sure one hadn't loosened itself out, elevating one front corner more than the other... again, no problem.

    I've concluded that my frame has been slightly bent. I have no better explanation.

    Fortunately I have a new chair on its way.

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    I have solid rubber 25" Shox tires with no wear and Frogs Legs front casters with 5" solid rubber tire.

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    Caster bearings rusting up? Especially in this weather ...

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    Ditto, caster bearings rustyfrom winter. Before winnter mine bound up and pulled due to my wife and my daughter.................both have quite long hair and the front casters pick it up then bind the bearing.

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    I have found caster bearings, tire pressure, and fork stem bearings to be the main culprits (in that order). Swapping left/right casters and wheels can rule out wheel/caster bearings as the source. Pulls also seem to develop more frequently on wheelchairs with FrogLegs suspension forks (elastomers?).

    While it is probably not the case here, a wheelchair pulling to one side may actually have to do with a change in the end user's function or positioning. It is always good to verify that the pull also occurs when the unoccupied chair is pushed across a level smooth surface. I bring this up because I've seen this happen on several occasions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Pruett View Post
    Fortunately I have a new chair on its way.
    Might you be willing to expound on that remark?

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    good call on the bearings.

    my conclusion about my crossfire frame being slightly bent came from observation; i get flutter in one of my casters at speed, and if i shift most of my weight to the rear wheels, one caster always lifts off the ground before the other. also, one caster does swing a little closer to the footrest tube than the other.

    when the chair is unloaded & rolled on a level surface it maintains the same behavior.

    that said, i didn't measure the elastomers in my frog legs to see if that could be a culprit. i suppose one could have worn differently than the other over the past 2.5+ yrs. not sure how, but i can't rule it out at this point. might want to look @ yours, smokey.

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    Might you be willing to expound on that remark?

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