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Thread: $5.00 for a cauliflower!!!

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    $5.00 for a cauliflower!!!

    I got a case of the snackies last night and went to the store for a fresh cauliflower to dip into cucumber dressing. This thing rung up at five bucks!!! It would have been cheaper to buy Cheetos or some chips, but I don't eat those kinds of things. So I paid the five bucks and am enjoying some of it now as I type. My point is, I will pay this ridiculous price because to me it is one of those things I will not do without.

    What food will you pay anything for just because you want it?

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    Halomi, Greek cheese.
    400 kroner for a kilogram, that is 60 dollars for 2.2 pounds. I fry it a little and eat.

    5$ for a cauliflower? That was very expensive, we pay under 2$. I thought food was much cheaper in the US than here.
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    Anybody who's followed my posts and threads here know what I'd pay mega$$$ for. The Chinese started and the Japs perfected it and I paid over thirty-five bucks for a kilo imported straight from Japan. That is, of course, imagining a plane flying in a straight line from there to here.
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    Strawberries. I feel guilty but I never purchase local strawberries ... while they taste better; they're small and of poor quality. The ones from California are always plump and refreshing ... but the risk of food-borne illness is greater (past experience via media) and I'm cognizant of that fact.

    It's a scarey world out there!

    Food prices vary across Canada too ... being more expensive in Alberta and less expensive in Ontario. This was just profiled on my local news yesterday.

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    Watermelon. Gets me every

    Once I saw 1/4 of a Watermelon, cut...priced $7~~!!! I laughed...went to the cashier, told her the produce man had been sniffing glue when he priced them...and that a WHOLE watermelon would be $32!!! And that my Mama didn't raise a fool...they could KEEP their watermelons. Which was really hilarious...because a WHOLE watermelon in the same store was on SALE for $4.99! Wonder which one I GOT?


    Also...last night in the grocery store...a different store...a lady was getting a refund because her grapes had cost over $9 for a bunch of grapes!!! gotta watch EVERYthing these days!


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    I hear ya skippy. I've started to be serious bout our eating habits, hopeing as my mother always said, you pay the price for the veggies and fruit, prolly save on less Dr bills. i bought a cauliflour 3 days ago, was going over the receipt and just crapped(well, almost) it was the second most expensive it (after the dam depend) on the list. $3.89. Use it, carrots, celery,brocolli,zuchini w/ uncle dans.Guess I found out what to grow in the garden this yr.

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