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Thread: iphone and quads

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    iphone and quads

    has anyone had experience using an iphone with quad hands?

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    I've tried using my caregivers with very little luck. Without having a button to actually push on, I just couldn't press on a particular button, especially the smaller buttons that pop up on the screen, I would press a whole bunch of buttons at once.
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    I had some experience with samsung Omnia but for daily use I'm on eten glofish x650

    I'm a quad and I don't move any finger. also I keep my phone/PDA in bed with me for the white nights in order to read stuff, browse web or listen music. I don't like/can't to watch movies on such small screen.

    In my opinion, for the phone use only, such a device doesn't worth the money, especially for quads.

    For PDA's with Windows Mobile OS different themes can be used and this can help you to have large buttons. I use SPB Menu
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    i use mine daily.

    my level is c6/7.

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    Totally addicted to mine as well. Level=c7
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    Without a doubt the best purchase I've made in the last 3 yrs. C6

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    useless for me... unfortunately. (c4-c5 inc)
    Along this years I've been testing many devices, and nowadays I'm using a Motorola with bluetooth phone, because it's i mpossible to me answer the call or make call using the keypad. the voice commander of motorola works fine.
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    Don't know what I did w/o mine. c5/6 complete.
    My niece had hers before mine and in just playing w/hers I did not think I could get comfortable completely but once I had my own, after 30 min-1hr, I was fine.

    The only issue I have is I use speaker feature for phone and people have a hard time hearing me. If I go to pick it up, I end up touching the screen and messing up the call. :/
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    Scott, and others,
    How do you manage the touch screen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Rolfe View Post
    Scott, and others,
    How do you manage the touch screen?
    typically with the tip of my right thumb, moved by my wrist. i support the phone w/ my left hand.

    if i operate it on my lap, e.g. one-handed while driving (i know, i know), it's a little trickier.

    it's honestly a pretty easy device to use.

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