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Thread: Supra Catheter. Better fit wow

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    Supra Catheter. Better fit wow

    Anyone using this supra catheter system. What's your feed back or would you try it.
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    My urologists did not mention anything about this. I guess i'll give him a call to see if he has info.
    P.s I will update.
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    I've always wondered why something like this wasn't used??? Interested to hear feedback from others on this.
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    I have never heard of this but the idea is encouraging. I will review the site.


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    I have a superpubic catheter. The Dr puts a hole through your abd into your bladder and inserts a catheter. I have a bag on at all time. Put on a leg bag if going out. I go once a month to have it changed by a nurse. This can be done at home as well. It's great because you don't need to be cathed every few hours it drains automaticly. Empty when full. Less chance of infection. Once a day flush your cath with sterile water and a big syringe. This procedure is done in hosp all in one day. Having a permanent indwelling can cause damage to the urethra over time. Only get one if chance of returning is slim to none because this cannot be reversed due to bladder shrinkage. Reccomended.

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