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Thread: T4 - june 10 2008

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    I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to anyone!! Thank you all for the warm welcome!! I have been dealing with some health problems and baclofen pump challenges.

    Went to see my surgeon yesterday who put my pump in. Didn't like how things went with him at all!!!! All he had to say was my incisions looked great but I had some additional questions for him about head aches and some other stuff have been going on and he didn't even want to to listen.

    So we had the guy who is head of anasia and his pain clinic paged and he told us to come right over to his office. He spent 3 hours with me and my parents going over everything symtom I've been dealing with.

    As of right now I have I'm not sure what I'm going to do about a urologist I think I'm going to have this guy refer me to one in the same hospital. By the way I've been going to Boston Childrens Hospital not sure if any of you have heard of it. Been going there for almost 20 years.

    I'm not exactly sure if the pain doctor I see now has had any prior experiance in working with SCI patients. He's doing a really good job so far in trying his best to figure out what's going on.

    Problem with having a urologist 5 hours away is I would have to go down to see every time I a UTI or something. any other advice would be great!! Oh yes to touch on the cathing I am not able to manuvor myself around enough to cath the regular way in my chair. That is the reason for wanting the mitrofanoff surgery. I don't think it's going to happen for a little while but to look into it and start thinking about it a little more.

    What are some things I could be doing besides regular pt to regain anything I can? Thanks everyone for listening.

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    God bless

    I had my t7 injury in 6/3/07 and everything you are struggling its normal. Time with following the training people give you will bring expirence and you will find yourself doing things on your own but you have to be strong mentally and want to do the right thing for yourself after you feel better. I can pretty much live on my own if i could afford my own place but life has been different so patient has to be my best of friends. Mentally i choose GOD to help me work the things in my mind as well as spirituality. Well welcome and here you will find a wealth of information but know that you have to want to advance because it is TOUGH lol it is! once again GOD BLESS!
    Sincere Sammy.....
    life begins when you walk in spirit

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    hello Anna, we talked in the chat room allot, but i didn't know you were in a small rehab out of the hospital. Don't kick yourself in the ass to much about it, I chose the small local rehab here in town to. I could have went out to Pittsburgh, but like you said it would have been to much trouble for my family and friends to see me. I was Injured right around the same time you were, just 7 fays later. June 17 08 was the last day i stood unassisted
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    Hi Bailey,

    For "routine" UTIs you may be able to use a local lab for C&S (Culture & Sensitivity) tests. C&S results, along with your physical symptoms, tell the doctor if you have a treatable UTI and what antibiotic is best for treatment. Talk to your urologist about it. He or she could call an order into your local lab and you could just drop a urine sample off there. Driving 5 hours to see a doctor, especially when you're sick with a fever etc., just to first obtain and then drop off a urine sample for them to test or have sent out to a lab to be tested, is unnecessary.

    Make arrangements with your urologist beforehand and it could save you that long drive. Have a sterile urine sample cup available at home.

    Or get a local urologist to handle routine stuff. After the both of you become acquainted with one another and get a grip on your problems, routine things like UTIs can sometimes be handled over the phone. The ER is always an option but usually not necessary if you think ahead a little bit.

    I hope your SCI "complications" are few.

    Welcome to CC.

    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria

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    Hello and welcome, Bailey.

    I would echo what others have said - with just 8 months since injury, you probably haven't achieved all that you can re: self-care.

    I've got a T4 complete injury as well, and I was still struggling with cathing many months post injury. I asked my sci doctor for a suprapubic, as I couldn't cath except on a bed, and he said no! (Although he did say I could see someone else about it).
    And you know what, I am glad, because I eventually got to a point where I could cath on my wheelchair.

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    how do you all do it?? cathing in your chair seems impossible for me! you also have to remember i'm only 3' 5" and it's hard for me to lift myself up in the chair. so if any of you have any ideas for me that would be great!!!

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