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Thread: This withdrawl is Brutal

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    [quote=arndog;1001984]Duge - you still hanging in there on the lower dose patch?
    Hang in there !

    I'm still there! had a rough night, I am NOT going back up! found that putting a heatpad has helped my leg pain from it. My wife has been resarching and has found them to say that it could take months to get rid of all it, turns out the damm stuff is pretty dangerous!

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    duge - here is what I did to get off it. I was on it last May and June after major spine revision surgery at UCSF. I switched over to oral meds, oxycontin which I could control lowering the dose easier than the patches.
    So IMO, switching to oral and then decreasing the dose is the way to go. I got on them when I had a bowel obstruction following the surgery and I couldn't take meds easily by mouth. Why are you on patches in the first place rather than oral meds?

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    they putu me on them in the rehab. I hurt real bad then they had not found it yet and man tonight is bad!!!!!!!!!!!! post back tomorrow just changed the patch about a hr ago and damm it's not worjing!!

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    A lot of people actually are prescribed to change the patch every 48 hrs instead of every 72.

    You were on 50 every 72 hours right?

    How about asking your doc to prescribe the 25s as every 48 hours for a while, and then step down to the 72 hour change?
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    Again, my heart goes out to you. It is such a terrible feeling. It is easier and more controllable to withdraw using oral meds. I always wondered if I was still getting drug from those fracking patches between 48 and 72 hours. I concluded that they really only last for 48 hours as sjean says above. IMO, I say convert to oral meds, and dial it down to where you want to be.

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    finally made it last night, not real sure why the pain from my hamstrings other than the way I walk pulls on them constantly. I just know it's already getting way past old,

    sjean I am on the 25's now, been a full downward from the 50's and I'm just a stubborn enough man to not let it win! I don't think my Dr, (GP) really knows that much about all this shit. she wanted me to go back up th the 50's but I'm NOT doing it!! I'll get through it but it sure is old as hell already, my wife searched about it and the stuff was generaly NOT good, I wish they had used oral meds instead of the patch now!

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    Sorry, I got the part that you were on the 25s, what I was trying to say, was instead of letting the doc put you back up to the 50s, use the 25s on a 48 hour basis for a few times, then drop back to 72 hours. Pace it out a litttle more.
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    Well I got to say I am getting tired of this shit!!!!!!!!!!! Sunday was BAD! and pretty much of this week so far, this am I feel pretty good. Just tired of all the shaking and nausea that has gone with it. Hopefully most of it will be gone now, I just changed my patch last nite so got 3 more and don't know wether to go to the 12.5's or stay with the 25's for another month. I get 10 at a time. I take Lyrica too but doesnt seem to matter if I miss a dose but htis patch is something else! and I been on it for at the least 6 1/2 yrs now! I get off it they will NEVER get me back on it!

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    Hi duge,
    good going. I know I am going to sound like a broken record that keeps repeating but maybe you could switch at this point to orals to make the process more manageable. In any case, it sounds like you made the drop to 25 in one piece.

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    I did Arndog, I never knew at the time they could cut it in half like that. I know I'll be damm glad when it's over!!! I'm kinda afraid to just go off the next time, guess I'll go to the 12.5's

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