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Thread: Octo MOM

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    Octo MOM

    How objectionable is this in the media?

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    I doubt she'll be dating soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sue Pendleton View Post
    I doubt she'll be dating soon.


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    Did anyone watch her interview on Dateline? She said she just couldn't leave those leftover embryos frozen ... so again we're at the cusp of a moral debate that could affect us.

    There is an increased 20-80% chance that the 8 born will have autism or cerebral palsy.

    This all raises questions for me that I'm almost afraid to think about ...

    I would have loved to have children ... but I knew it was about money, my time, health, being a single parent wouldn't have been easy ... but I was responsible and didn't. When I see someone flagrantly flaunting the rules, it makes me wonder why I even try?

    I also wonder if her insurance will come back on her and demand her $165,000 back in disability payments for her back ... photo upon photo of her with her first six, sometimes holding two at a time. That can't be good for the back? And how does someone get $50,000 in school loans yet isn't attending school???? Like she'll pay that back!

    If I was a California taxpayer, I would be irate!!! Hundreds of thousands in delivery costs charged to Medi-Cal.
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    How is it possible to get medical care to do this.............and people are doing without care to save their lives?

    Maybe I don't know enough about her. She has insurance? She's independently wealthy? I don't understand why you would knowingly put your own children in danger.

    I would think feeding and educating six children would be enough for anyone to tackle in one life time.

    She has a problem.

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    The photograph is probably the least disturbing aspect to this whole story. Everything about her, the doctor, her previous 6 kids, her poor parents, the newlyborn 8, the boyfriend, her obsession with Angelina Jolie, the website - it's all incredulous and yet there it is, it's happened. There'll be little happiness for any of them I fear.

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    I agree with Carbar that the photograph itself is not the problem. When Demi Moore did the same thing it was considered a breakthrough photo. The disturbing aspect of this is that 14 lives are impacted by one woman who does not have sense enough to say enough is enough. There is now a web site seeking donations for her family, which is her right, but which I personally find disgusting. No thought went into this when it mattered, which was before the implantation. I hope her doc is investigated throughly for his part in this drama. She is a selfish hoarder who needed heavy duty psychological help before this ever got this far.

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    I think that anyone who can afford it should be allowed to do as they wish as long as they dont endanger anyone else. They should be required to follow the guidelines for safety of both the mother and child. But for anyone to do this knowing that the taxpayer will be paying for their pleasure is unavoidable for a single mother and is unconscionable in my opinion.

    I still think that she has a mental disorder similar to the people who hoard animals. The same goes for that family in Arkansas that has eighteen kids. Give the world a break and stop overproducing.

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    The big pregnancy things has happened previously in other countries, but I believe 8 is the record.

    Either the Dr did not know her background or is complicent.

    This however should bring a new awareness and stop this from happening again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skippy13 View Post
    ...The same goes for that family in Arkansas that has eighteen kids. Give the world a break and stop overproducing.
    I'm assuming you're talking about the Duggers. I think the difference is the Dugger's, from what I've seen on their show, are taking care of their children, and they aren't putting their children at risk to have their big family.
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