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Thread: What do you drive?

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    What do you drive?

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    Volkswagen Eurovan

    I drive a 2002 Volkswagen Eurovan. It has a V6, 201 hp engine fuel injected. They are no longer on the market but you can find a low mileage one and put the Braun swing-a-way lift in it for wheelchair or scooter platform, the camper swivel seat base for the driver's seat, and hand controls and you're ready to drive! There are several Eurovans for sale on eBay now or contact your local Volkswagen dealership.

    There is plenty floor to head room inside. You don't have to worry about destroying the structural integrity of the vehicle by lowering the floor or adding a high top on it.

    It is bigger than a min-van and smaller than a full-size van.

    This is my ride I drive, with the lift in and out.

    Also attached is a brochure, Opening new horizons by Invatravel Conversions that I found on the Internet featuring the 2007 Volkswagen Caravelle (aka Eurovan) modified for 'chair users.

    Credit: Invatravel Conversions Limited, 97 Lythan Road, Southport, Merseyside, PR9 9UG, Tel: 01704 506608.


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    I drive a 2007 Dodge Caravan. It works great for me, but I have a friend who is a quad and she can not push herself up the ramp without arm strength needs to be considered if you're pushing a manual and thinking about a ramp van.
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    I drive a Mazda 5.

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    I drive a Peugeot 307 SW.

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    I drive a wolkswagen Passat

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    I don`t understand how can you drive a Wolkswagen Passat with a steering wheel of a Renault.

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    I unfortunately do not currently, or a photo of my car with the commands and then to understand what kind of controls we use in Italy, I put the photo of the house cstruttrice Command understood ....

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    Here is my van. When these pictures were taken it was set up for my dad to drive, hence the driver seat in position.

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