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Thread: Aluminum crack when drilled?

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    Aluminum crack when drilled?

    Was hoping to get into an AeroZ, but need/want tubular flip-ups and will have to have an extra tube welded on for increased rigidity. Well, now I'm told TiLite can't drill into the aluminum to place the flip-ups because the aluminum will/might crack! What? Why would AL. crack? SCI_OTR heard of this? Now "they" say I need titanium,(which can be drilled safely), which I'm sure my Ins. will balk at. What a mess! I can't FATHOM why aluminum can't be drilled through! Help!

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    Never heard of aluminum cracking due to drilling.
    It crack if bent or stressed.

    Perhaps it's a stress point and they are suggesting it will crack if used in the suggested manor?
    Rick Brauer or just call me - Mr B

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    Thanks, Rbrauer. The holes would be in the lower down tubes where the flip-ups would be mounted. I'm hoping SCI_OTR will "chime in" here.

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    woundnt they normally mount using the same things they use for mounting the footplate, or is it that yyou need a high mount?

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    That's what I thought, amyk. The only thing I can figure is that since they're single rests they might "swivel" around unless they're bolted through the down tubes. The fixed rest goes up into the downtubes but just has a "friction" type hold, as I understand it, and there'd be no "swivel" to it. I'd like some real understanding about it though. May need to call TiLite myself. Seems ridiculous not to be able to drill a hole in it. That's what my DME says Tilite told him, and he talks to them often about stuff, apparently.

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    Don't know much the metallurgy or as it pertains to welding and drilling, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was true.

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    In my experience, the drilling of hole will not cause a crack to develop. But if the tube is thin walled and is subject to stress forces it can develop a crack. I have drilled my own w/c (invicare 9000 sl) to strengthen the armrests with no issues. If do decide to drill, start with a small bit then increase the size to the desired diameter.

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