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I understand the flu vaccine was right on this year. I've got a rotten cold but bad as I feel no temperature. So yea, call the doc for kidney, lung, etc checks.

WFE, Normal temperture in Farenheit is 98.6. Most SCIs seem to run low. My normal used to be 97.1 to 97.7. Last 6 months I'm actually running closer to normal/normal. Anything above 101.0 in an adult is normal cause to see or call a doctor.
I tell that to my doctor the next time if he doesn't believe me. He doesn't know anything about SCI and writes afebrile even when I know I have fever. I am normal 96 F, and they did not take me seriously before I had 104F but then he was putting me in the hospital. Everytime I get a UTI I have about a 100 and they say no fever. They don't take anyone seriously here before they have 103, 101 is not serious here.