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Thread: Little red bumps, what are they?

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    Little red bumps, what are they?

    My husband has been on two antibiotics for a week and a half now. I notices some little red bumps on his left leg right near his bottom. This is the side he lays on at night. Has anyone ever seen this before? He hasnt complained about them itching, but he may not feel it if it does.

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    heat rash?
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    It can be allergy from the antibiotics. I would have shown the doctor that.
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    It could be any of the following:
    • Heat rash. Has he been sweating in this area?
    • Petechia. Non-raised small broken capillaries associated with many different diseases and conditions.
    • A rash from antibiotics or other medications he is taking.
    Without more information or a photo, it is impossible to say. I would suggest calling his physician. He should be prepared to describe the rash...size of bumps, raised or smooth, getting worse or better, etc?


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