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Thread: Jesses sweating issue

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    Jesses sweating issue

    The mystery has been solved. Jesses doctor at Mayo, Dr. Priebe, referred Jess to a doctor at Baylor Clinic in Houston (since this is where Jess was for the winter) Dr. Heggeness (??) After the Dr. looked over the films Jess had taken previously, he said that Jesses problem is severe osteoarthritis. How simple a diagnosis after worrying for weeks that it might be Chaocot spine (spg). A simple diagnosis indeed but now the hard part. He has to give up rugby for at least the season. The area of concern is right where his body is strapped into his rugby chair. He actually quit practicing rugby when the mayo dr. thought it might be Chaocot and since then he has felt better and the sweating has stopped. Ok, Jess is pushing me to get off my butt and pour him a margaritta and I dont want him to know I am talking about him. Gotta Go.

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    what do they do for osteoarthritis?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jody View Post
    what do they do for osteoarthritis?

    Nothing was talked about except for Jess to stop rugby for awhile. I will wait for the nurses to answer your question, Jody.

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    I am not familair where the arthritis is, how severe and what is the extent of his functional ability? More information would be helpful.


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    And for those of us who can't seem to find the original threads on this, please help us connect the dots between osteoarthritis and sweating!


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    Sorry...I usually come on as Jesse's Mom. I am using my laptop now and it knows me as SydneyJo. Dont know if that makes sense. son, Jess, is a C7 level injury for six years now and since May of 2008 he has been sweating under his right armpit and feeling really crappy. Fast forward to Nov. 2008. He started doctoring to find out what is causing this AD. Had every test under the sun and everything looked ok until his Dr. at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota asked for a CT (or MRI) of the L9, L10, and L11. Since Jess, in the meantime, moved back to Texas, he had to be referred to a Dr. in Houston. That dr. agreed with the Mayo Dr. that it is severe osteoarthritis causing him pain, pain that he really doesnt feel, which is also causing the sweating supposedly from all the pain. I had been on here describing Jesses symptoms several times but I signed on as Jesse's Mom. If you search my old nick you might be able to find more on it if you care to anymore.
    SCINurse, as I said, they said the area they are seeing is right in the L9 - L 11 and probably 12, I just cant remember right now. He said to quit playing rugby for a while and see what happens. Jess has no movement in his legs, no core, but his arms and hands work good. And the Dr. in Houston called it Severe Arthritis. I guess thats about all I can say. So right now Jess is taking it easy and has had to withdraw from the USA rugby team and the Texas team he is on but he is pretty cool about it since we are all pretty anxious to get this under control.

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    Thank you so much for the detailed recap, SydneyJo/Jesse's mom -- I really appreciate it. I'm off to look again for those old threads.

    And I'm glad having to take a break from Rugby wasn't a major blow to Jesse. Sounds like you've got yourself a pretty great son (and him a wonderful mom).


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    glad to find out.
    when he's healed tell him tennis maybe an answer for a bit.
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