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Thread: The Spine and Alzheimers?

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    Question The Spine and Alzheimers?

    So I just came upon this site, but all of this information is extremely compelling. My second cousin just had a spinal cord injury after a very traumatic accident. Of course, one thing led to another and I landed here. Very proud to be here. I hope the welcoming committee is kind!

    Anyways, I live in Monterey, which is this small idyllic community north west of Los Angeles. I love it here. On to the point of this post. I was sort of hoping someone out there could give me a definitive answer on this matter. My family is genetically at risk of alzheimer's and my father often forgets things - especially the small things, like where he left his keys and how long his magazine subscription was. Yesterday it took him a few moments to recall the name of the new dog that my stepmother and him adopted from the Humane Society. Granted, they've only had the pup for maybe three weeks, but it seems that it's just one clue among many.

    I'm starting to research potential treatments without his knowledge - just in case, you know. Anyways, I heard of this drug that was originally developed for arthritis. Apparently it's some sort of Panacea for Alzheimers. I've heard a lot of criticism on both sides ,so I'd love to hear some of your opinions.

    This article: Alzheimers' Newest Potential Cures and Curses should get you up to speed on this (promising?) new research. Has anyone heard of this? What are your thoughts?

    Thank You So Much. Peace out there, all of you in Internetlandia!

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    i just read this article a while back that the common herpes simplex virus may be linked to it - heres the link:

    and other stuff is posted there.. thank you rybread for telling me about this web site i love it.

    anyway... hope it helps a little - its a terrible desease and i have worked with alzheimers patients.. my heart goes out to you and yours...

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    Thank you so much for that article. It's incredible the new discoveries that continually pop up. I Hope my father doesn't have h.simplex, but you never know!

    Peace to you and yours, Nickelo.


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