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Thread: Accessible vehicle that seats 6??

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    Accessible vehicle that seats 6??

    We currently have a side entry mini van. With our daughters car seat in the back, we can only carry one additional passenger. We are now expecting triplets. So we need an accessible vehicle that can be driven by a wheelchair user and seat 4 in the back. Are there any options out there? I have been searching the internet and have not found anything that would work. Dh needs to be able to load 4 kids and be able to drive the vehicle. I'm worried that we will not find anything and dh is a stay at home dad so he needs to be able to transport all 4 kids together. Thanks in advance for any help!

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    We're in the same boat. We have 3 kids and I transport my niece and nephew from time to time. We have a Ford E350 12 pass van with a Braun UVL. As long as your older daughter can buckle herself in, this might be your only option (or other 12/15 pass, full size van). If you need, I can try and post some pix of the interior.

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    Get a Dodge Sprinter. I have a the 2007 144" wheelbase one and it fits 10 passengers. I removed the middle bench and the passenger chair so I can get in the van and sit in the front, and there are 5 seats left back there. I have four kids myself under the age of 10, and the Sprinter was the only thing that worked for us.
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    We have a Ford Taurus wagon, there is a 3rd seat in the back. I thinke the Mazda 6 would work for you as well. Mom03 drives one I believe?

    Edited to add ..... I wasn;t thinking about the chair tho.

    You would have to consider one of those lifts to put your chair on a roof carrier if you were to drive the taurus or mazda. Otherwise the chair would have to be in the front seat. Fine when it is just him and the kids, but nowhere for it if everyone is along.
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    The Dodge Sprinter is the way to go! Ours is a '06 and we still average 30 miles to a gal of desiel...pretty good considering it is so large...and you can stand up in it...which makes loading those car seats a bit easier...if you ever watch Kate + 8 (the family with the sixtuplets)...that's what they drive...the seats are easy to remove, I've removed them myself and managed to get them out using the lift...we went for a rear lift but they really wanted to put the lift on the side entry...Triplets! how wonderful...I think? lol...much luck! judy

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    I had one child when I joined this club, but had triplets last November, so we were in the market for seating for 7, two adults, 4 kids, and the chair. We ended up with an Ford Expedition EL, which is a little tall, but I manage to climb in and out just fine. I took the running boards off to get a little closer to the handle but that is the only modification, other than the hand controls. When you look at three car seats in a row, very few vehicles will accomodate the width required, plus still provide room for everyone else and the stroller / gear required for 3 infants. It is the same size as a Suburban, but had features that were more accessible for me to reach (tailgate button, auto third seat). The reality is with very few strollers on the market, all of them large, having the space to accomodate going to the store as a family is nice commodity.

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