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Thread: How do I get started

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    How do I get started

    Hi all I'm new to the forums. I'm no strangers to doctors though and what I was wondering is how do you go about the whole pain management deal? Do you have to see a regular physician to get cleared to see a pain specialist? Are there any pain doctors out there that'll just take you in straight on? By the way I'm from the WA area.

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    Hi Swing ! Welcome, hey , maybe it would help to share a little about yourself. Do you have a SCI? How long have you had it? What time of pain are you dealing with?
    There is an area on your profile page that you could fill out.
    Welcome, again !

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    Hey my pain might seem relatively minor to you but I can't sit in front of a TV or a computer or do anything hunched for that long of a time before my upper neck followed by my back getting COMPLETELY sore and making me take breaks from what I'm doing. I don't know if I have a pinched nerve or something but sometimes I can't handle it. The only reason I've been hunched over a computer tonight so long is because my doctor prescribed me tussinex for another reason. I have been in quite a few car accidents, I've been in a flipped vehicle not once, but twice so that might have something to do with it. I'm just trying to figure out where I can go in Washington to try and get a dianosis and maybe some treatment.

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