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Thread: Bowel accidents...still

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    Bowel accidents...still

    I'm a T8 para, about a year and a half from my accident. About 14 mos ago, I started having bowel and bladder accidents. At the time, I was doing my bp (bowel program) on Tues, Thurs and Sundays. I changed and am now doing my bp every other day. For the last year, the accidents have continued. Everytime I think that my system is getting into routine and that they will quit, they happen again. I think my bladder accidents are under control, but not the bowel. Here lately, I do my bp and then later that day, I have an accident. For my program, I eat something, wait about 30 minutes, insert a magic bullet, wait 15 mins and then dig stim every 10 minutes. I do that about 3-4 times. I do it in the morning, adn I try to do it at the same time each time, but sometimes vary by a few hours. I do now know what I am doing wrong. I don't have the help of a doctor. I really do not want to have to go to doing my bp everyday- not only is it terribly inconvenient, but I just don't think it's necessary. I wasn't an everyday person before my accident. Is there something anyone can suggest to help me out? I am at my wits ends. These accidents are controlling my life, and I'm trying so hard to move on with it. I really need some help.

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    My first thought was that this was demonstrating that daily might be necessary for you. However, since you're having the accidents the same day, after the BP, it sounds like you're not getting all that's waiting in there. Do you get results after the MB but before stimming? Have you tried other methods, such as Enemeez? Perhaps you need to drag the process out longer. Often, when we think that's all there is and are about ready to give up, another bout of stimming brings a load.
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    Try not using a suppository?

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    I would agree that I would recommend letting the magic bullet sit longer than 15 minutes and start the process earlier if possible. Make sure you are drinking alot of fluid and eating enough fiber.

    As above, you could try another product such as enemeez,etc.

    Doing bowel care everyday is rarely needed and then it seems like it is too rigid on your lifestyle.


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    What's the consistency of the accidents?

    If they're soft or loose, I would try using half of the Bullet instead of the whole thing and see if that helps. My colon absorbs water very easily, so using the full strength/dose of certain products can result in accidents pretty easily.

    If the consistency is the same as your normal stool, it would seem that you're giving up on your BP before you're really empty.

    It's so frustrating to have to figure out these things with no support from local professionals -- thank goodness there are places like CC!


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    I find the mini enemeez much more effective.

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    Thanks to everyone for all your advice. I did some reading today as well, and had decided that I needed to add a fiber supplement and start drinking more water. A question for the nurse- what did you mean to "start the process earlier"? I will let the bullet sit longer than 15 minutes. It is not consistent as to what the stool is like- hard or soft. Thanks again, everyone, for your help- it is nice to have other people to bounce ideas off of!

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    Hey bud, I'm 18 mo's out too. Try adding in an assortment of antibiotics and try to control the bowels.Immodium/fiber, oops,less fiber, more immod, evn more immod,oops need fiber or prunes,oops, more immod and fiber.Good luck pardner.I hope to get it figured out this year. One thing i found out, exercise helps a ton!

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    I do my bowel program daily. and use a bullet. I get in the commode, and insert bullet. Eat breakfast w coffee or tea and viola results. I don't dige before just once or twice after to try and get mucous out. I take a ton of fiber and all is well.
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    I am 38 years post, I had same problems establishing a routine - thought I could never have confidence. The routine I developed is daily AM dig/stim, no laxitives, suppositories or any other supplements other than high fiber diet and lots of water. I do AM routine as (until retirement) I worked 30 years post injury. I did morning routine so I would not have accidents at work. I never did, not once in 30 years. Any accidents I have occurred all in the evenings. Don't get frustrated, don't give up, you can work out a program over time that works like a charm.

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