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Thread: Anyone have same injury as me?

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    Anyone have same injury as me?

    I was just wondering if anyone got their spinal cord injury like I have. My spinal cord is intact and has no physical damage. When I had my car accident I had blunt aortic trauma (my aorta was torn and I lost a ton of blood on top of the dashboard cutiing both of my legs off). I lost blood and oxygen flow to my spinal cord and am now a T-4 complete paraplegic. I have researched this and seen that this happens a lot with open heart surgury when they somtimes have to clamp the aorta. I am very interested in Dr. Huangs work and would like to have a procedure done by him but only if it could help with my type of injury. Does anyone know if still having my cord intact but necrotic in a certain area would increase my chances of recovery, be about the same, or maybe even make it more difficult?

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    I doubt very much that your spinal cord is intact. Most traumatic spinal cord injuries do not result in the cord being cut or severed, but in it being crushed or bruised, or losing the blood supply. I have had a number of clients who had traumatic aortic abruptions (which is when the aorta is pinched or severed) resulting in spinal cord ischemia and cellular death leading to cord necrosis. This can also be a result of surgery for aortic aneurysms, which we see fairly often in our older population.

    You can read and talk about current cure therapies on the Cure forum, but currently even the work that Dr. Huang is doing is not a cure. Of course he would need to see your current MRI before even considering you for the study, and you would have to pay the costs of the travel and procedure.


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    When I meant "intact" I meant there was no sever or tears. Sorry if my wording was wrong.

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    I have a similar injury… loss of blood flow to the spinal cord causing an infarction.

    I am also very interested in this topic. How do the current therapies coming to trail work on someone with non traumatic injuries? Since we don’t have scar tissue, are we good candidates for cell regeneration?

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    Scar tissue in the cord exists wherever there is cell death. This applies to both traumatic and non-traumatic SCI.


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    But can you see that on the MRI? Because my MRI is perfect too.
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    I did not know that KLD. Do you know of any articles or old posts I can read on the topic? I know on my MRI there is a long streak where the infarction is, but I thought that only represented dead cells… I had no idea the loss of blood flow causes scar tissue to form.

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    No, scar tissue at the microscopic level does not necessarily show on the MRI. Atrophy of the cord from loss of nerve cells and supporting cells (like myelin) can be seen on MRI, as can edema or hemorrhage. If you have bleeding into the cord, the blood will also tend to encourage the development of scar tissue in the area.


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    My SCI at the T-6 level is a result from repairing my torn aorta and having my blood supply clamped for a total of 37 minutes. I bled two liters internally.

    According to my doctors and MRI my spinal column is not damaged, however, I did compress
    T-6 and T-12 in the crash.

    As far as I know there is no known cure for ischemic SCI and no real effort being ,made in that direction. There's too few of us to make the research financially viable.
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    there is a scientist at univ. of san diego, and he study's nothing but ischemic spinal injury, regarding to interneurons. If I pledge to him, for the second time, I'll put my money out on the table, and listen to his needs, regarding more lab space, xtra scientists, labspace, etc., and I'll pay for it, just as long as their only goal isn't limited to stopping spasticity . At least though he is on top of his game of using these interneurons he has, to destroy spasticity .

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