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Thread: new with MANY questions

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    welcome. sorry and glad to meet you. the neuro pain may get better or worse over time. you may learn to live with it. I can no longer use neurontin, so its nice that it is not so terrible all the time. the sci nurse is very reliable for sound advice. true about self cathing, though you will have to be patient while your body gets used to a cathing schedual, I find no problem with keeping cathing suplys handy, and doing clean discreat bladder care while out is no problem once you get used to it. I still drip now and then so I use poise panty liners, or the drugstore brand for lite bladder leaks. they work better at preventing pee smell. please look at the posts in the womens only forum on bladder and cathing issues. their is a wonder gadget for women who cath. it makes learning to cath easyer. you can learn even if you dont have great hand and finger control. those valvs and sp catheters still can leak.

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    hi jenny,

    i'm from new hampshire, too. don't know if you need the name of a different urologist but if so i went to a good one in boston. dr. robert oates, he was with boston medical and he was very familiar with sci. it was about 6 or 7 years ago but i think he's still there.


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    Im from NH also

    Crazy to see so many people from NH. I live in Antrim.

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