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Thread: new with MANY questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by gurly2356 View Post
    I've been getting botox for a couple of years & it works great! no leakage.
    I get the botox done too and it works like a charm!! I recommend it definitely!
    good luck with everything
    God is good

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    Welcome Jenny, I was on Vesicare for about 4 yrs for the spasms now on Ditro because of the cost, but the Vesicare worked better for me.

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    I too, wonder if the cymbalta was realy causing the hair loss, or if you just happened to start taking it when you were experiencing hair loss anyway.

    I lost a Lot of hair, about 3-6 months post. It can be caused by trauma, malnutrition, various drugs, anesthesia, stress ..... recognise any if those?

    The hair loss stopped about 6 months out, and then came in darker and curly, another year or so before it was them same as pre sci.
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    i have nerve pain as well, and i'm on neurotin. i take 1200mg 4 times a day. i'm on a pretty high dose. my pain specialist has tried other things on me to control the pain, but they didn't work worth a crap. i still have pain, but i just have to deal with it.
    i also have bladder spasms. they suck! i'm on vesicare for that and i believe* remron and nortriptyline for it. i know its sad to say, but i think the last 2 are for it, but i'm not 100% sure. there are so many drugs, its hard to keep them straight.
    btw-welcome! there are many people here to help you get through this!
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    Went to my Urologist today and he changed mine to Detrol LA 4mg Hope it works better than the Ditro, plus Pfizer makes it and I should be able to get it free for this whole yr!!

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    Hi Jenny,
    I have been a T12-L1 since Sept. 06, I have lots of nerve pain and bladder and bowel issues as well. I too just found this site and I think it is amazing, I wish I would have found it after my accident, I would not be as dumb about it as I am. I self cath every 4 hrs. or so. In the morning after my 2 - 20 oz. coffees I cath at 2 hr. The only time I have leakage problems is after consuming too much alcohol, not very often. I am on Lyrica and Vicaden for the pain and nerve stuff. It just takes the edge off because there are times I just want to scream. I went back to work teaching but I should not have went back so soon, but I was going nuts at home. I have regained my leg movement on the left side to about 80% and on the right side about 50%. It like a balancing act on the legs and I use crutches most of the time but occasionally move without them. I really challenges the nerves and muscles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rollinprincess3227 View Post
    I get the botox done too and it works like a charm!! I recommend it definitely!
    good luck with everything
    Where did you guys get the Botox done? Is it available to the public now?

    I was in the trial at USC 2yrs ago and it worked great, but the last time I talked to my Dr. he said it still wasn't approved for general use, has that changed?

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    yes, of course depends on your insurance, and you have to be free of UTI, try all the meds and failed,ve to have recent urodynamcis studies. Plus it needs to be repeated every 6-9 months.


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    Cymbalta helps with neuropathic pain and you can take it with the Gabapentin.

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    hey jenny,

    where in new hampshire do you live? i'm local nh as well.

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