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Thread: My Toenails are not growing

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    Unhappy My Toenails are not growing

    My toenails are not growing. I have noticed within the last 2 months that I have cut my fingernails 8 times and I have not cut my toenails in that time. I am getting concerned. They have either stopped growing or slowed down to a snails crawl. I am in the medical field myself so if you could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Hi O'malley, do you have a spinal cord injury or just short toenails?

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    Quote Originally Posted by O'Malley RCP View Post
    Welcome to Care Cure. Please fill out your profile. May I ask what you do in the medical field if you don't mind me asking. Sorry you had to find us but glad that you did. There are a lot of great people here. Any time you have a question please post here & someone will answer you. If they don't know the answer they will look for the answer & someone else might chime in & answer your question. Remember : The only stupid question is the one that you don't ask so be sure you post when you have a question.

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    I've noticed the same thing. I have unilateral weakness - and the toenails on the paralysed foot have virtually stopped growing and are also heavily ridged. That leg also has some really wierd colour changes - sometimes blue, almost black on the sole of my foot, but then it can switch to bright red and blotchy quite quickly. On the other side its fine. No-one has explained why, they just tell me not to worry about it.

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    I have the same with my toenails. 5 months ago I lost both my big toenails and they still havn't even started growing back yet

    no idea WHY they are so slow though
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    Same here. I lost the toenail on my big toe of the right foot and it won't grow out, but layers seem to pile on it. The nail is thick and discolored.
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    I',m a Respiratory Therapist.

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    Could some of the above be due to fungus? That caused my wife to lose most of one toenail. Her toenails also grow slowly, or so it seems, so one will replace itself in maybe 18 months. Mine (AB) grow several times faster. No idea why. Could it be something to do with mechanical pressure changes stimulating the cells, as when I walk?
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    do you have a lack of hunger too? I have noticed a similar thing with me. eating has been a problem for months, and I see that along with thinning hair, nails are thin and slow to grow. two months ago I began using a protien drink on days I cant eat. it seems to be helping.

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